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The MeckPomm - The Archive

Day 1,636, 07:35 Published in Germany Germany by Mr. Enya

This is The MeckPomm Archive. Only available in English.

World census series
World census #1 (day 1385 balls)
World census #2 (day 1454 balls)
Alliance census #1 (day 1461 balls)
World census #3 (day 1508 balls)
World census #4 (day 1562 balls)
World census #5 (day 1616 balls)
World census #6 (day 1646 balls)
Alliance census #2 (day 1654 balls)
World census #7 (day 1676 balls)
World census #8 (day 56 - day 1710 timeline)
World census #9 (day 1552-1735 timeline)
World census #10 (day 1752 balls)
World census #11 (day 1658-1788 timeline) (Addendum)
World census #12 (day 1844 balls)
World census #13 (day 1747-1870 timeline)

Animated Europe Map:
A one-year-map - 13/Mai/2011 to 26/Mai/2012
The ONE offensive from 24/April 2012 to 19/June 2012 + Alliance coverage map

Gold Price series.
When the Gold price went global, the weak currencies were fixed around 1600-1700, the strong currencies were below 1000. In the first days, the prices climbed from initially 1200 to 1400 and fixed around 1600.
Issue #1 - 1st Week - price shooting to 1750 CC!
Issue #2 - 2nd Week - price shooting again to 1750 CC!
Issue #3 - 1st Month, price stable around 1650
Issue #4 - price permanently over 1700 CC
Issue #5 - price permanently over 1800 CC
Issue #6 - 2nd Month, price shooting to 2500 CC
Issue #7 - price permanently over 2000 CC
Issue #8 - price permanently over 2300 CC
Issue #9 - price almost reaching 3000, but always below
Issue #10 - price down to 2000 within weeks
Issue #11 - price below 1000 for 1st time
Issue #12 - price stable around 400 (day 1824)
No further articles on gold price planned. In May 2013 (day 2018) the price is stable around 225; it has constantly and slowly sunk to that level.

Military and training guides series
Q1: 1st Training guide
Q2: 2nd Training guide
Q3: 3rd Training guide
Q6: Speculative Analysis
Bombs: Doing the math.
Analysis of the Rocket factory

Economics series and articles
#1: Land Management #1 - Basic Recommendations
#2: Land Management #2 - Approaches to Raw Wealth
The Day The Bot Stood Still.
#3: Land Management #3 - Building Factories
#4: Land Management #4 - Stop overproduction now
Future of our economy uncertain?
New Energy System (instead of Health)
Halloween Event (making us all feel dumber)

International politic articles
- High praise for a short-time liberation of Bavaria in late September 2011.
- The KOSOVO question divided the eWorld, and there were few countries without press releases
- Glorification of the eGerman-ePolish treaty, designed by the great ilphen. This treaty granted eGermany three eGerman regions and stopped the ePolish agression against eGermany and led to a period of almost three months of peace between our contries. Afterwards, eGermany was liberated by Terra troops, and ePoland signed another treaty, granting them only three regions in eGermany.
- Comment on a contract between eSweden and eGermany which benefitted both countries.
- Analysis of the Baby Boom in Chile (and South America in general)
- History time: ePoland and eGermany and their relation since the dawn of eTime

Operation Baguette
- Baguette introduction (Cooperation statement from LPP)
- Baguettes #2
- Baguettes #3
- Baguettes #4
- Long Baguettes #5 (Start of the real operation)
- Long Baguettes #6
- Baguette Donator Information
- Baguette Statistical Information
- Baguette Customer Information
- Long Baguette #7 (Waffenaktion falls Vorrat reicht)
- Long Baguette #8 (Aufruf für mehr Empfänger)
- Long Baguette #9 (Aufruf für mehr Spender)
- Long Baguette #10 (Bilanz 6 Monate)

- Baguette continues as FBI - Federal Bread Institute :3

German census series
Prelude to the series
1st article on german population statistics
2nd article on german population statistics
3rd article on german population statistics
Despite my announcements in issue 3, this series is canceled and I no longer update statistics on eGerman population numbers.

Inner-German political articles

I became congress member for the first time in October 2011. In December 2011, I was nominated for Chairman of Congress and was ultimately elected in that term. I did another term as Chairman in February 2012. Then, I made a mistake by obfuscating the elections which were clearly won by Wonne. This is my apologies for that affair. Later on, I became chairman again because of a mistake by Wonne. After that third term as chairman, I voluntarily dropped out of congress by not candidating again.
"Stuhlmann war cool Mann!"

The Bad Party in eGermany was once a haven for political right-wing extremists. This was my response to one of their articles. The BP has since taken a right-wing militarist position, but has stopped tasteless provocations. Thank you!
However, other parties are now filling that niche, but are neither extremely popular nor have they yet stooped to glorifying nazis. Find here a guest article where I mock those dumbs.

There was no comment about the "Germanen", who were a strong nazi movement in 2013, but got thwarted. But I published an article again when Preussenfux asked me to do so in 2013: Ein offenes Gegenwort gegen die DNVP. The DNVP was dumber and weaker than the Germanen, but nonetheless dangerous in their aims, in my opinion.

And just some nonsense: Valentines Cupid.

- Explanation of the german situation in November 2011 (German only, sorry)
- Explanation of the german situation in October 2011 (German only, sorry)

Open Mind Germany articles: (Party Politics)
- Announcement of xXAbraxasXx for PP in May 2012
- Announcement of Bernhardms for PP in February 2012
- Announcement of Congress candidates for April/May 2012
- 8th Soup kitchen
- 7th Soup kitchen
- 6th Soup kitchen
- Publication of an activity survey among OMG members
- Publication offers of OMG to help newbie publishers
Find out more OMG articles here:

My erliest articles!
These ones show my noobiness when I first entered eRepublik. However, they aren't completely terrible and most other first-timer articles don't even reach this quality. I concentrated on game mechanic problems and Polandball silliness before I found my statistical style.
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 9th
Game mechanics comments.
The news module was unavailable between day 1402 and day 1620. Well, it was available, but you needed some tricks to get there.
Ugly and slow flash - the map problem (WHICH ACTUALLY GOT SOLVED ONE YEAR LATER!!!)
i18n in eRepublic - the language problem
Polandball comics.
Poland cannot into Oktoberfest
Little epoland has fewer core regions than eUSA
crappy Polandball
My first Polandball comic



Osorkon6 Day 1,662, 06:25

Das entsteht also, wenn man dich zu lange am PC hocken lässt...


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