Globe Trotter in Bulgaria

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A. Beauty of Bulgaria

[...] Bulgaria is one of the countries in Europe that is definitely worth visiting. Full of history, lovely nature, friendly people, gorgeous mountains and breathtaking coastline.

The small Balkan member of the European Union is often underrated as a tourist destination, but everyone who has ever been to some of the major cities – Sofia, Plovdiv or Bourgas have fell in love with Bulgaria.

Source: 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bulgaria In 2016

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Sofia city center

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia

National Library

Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Veliko Tarnovo

National Theatre "Iwan Wasow", Sofia

Monument of Liberty in Ruse

Roman Theatre, Plovdiv

Old town Plovdiv

Castle of Belogradchik

Rila monastery in the Rila mountains

Etar Architectural-Ethnographic Museum, Gabrowo


Golden Sands top view

Aqualand Plovdiv

Golden Sands beach

Seven Rila Lakes

One of the seven Rila lakes in the Rila mountains

Devetashka cave

Stone group in the Pirin national park

Stone bridge

Sandstone rocks in Pirin Mountains near Rozhen Monastery.

Buzludzha monument on the peak of the Chadschi Dimitar Mountain

Borovets ski resort

Shopska salad

Filo pastry with sheep’s cheese filling is known as banitsa.

Bulgarian drinks

Kids in national dress at Rose festival

B. History of eBulgaria
Notrhe kindly provided me an article written in Bulgarian about old History describing as he said the period "from our adopting in the game and all wars until 2010 year and occupacion of Bulgaria by Romania".

Globe Trotter in Bulgaria

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