Globe Trotter in Israel

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A. The beauty of Israel

One of the nicest article about Israel I found very quick is 10 gorgeous reasons to visit Israel next year

Israel is arguably one of the world’s smallest countries. Yet small as it may be, it has to be one of the most exciting places on earth.

It’s a country that can be an inspiration to all – the only place in the region where all religions live side by side under a solid democracy. It has become an international center for innovation and development, despite all geographical and political struggles. Even the desert flourishes in Israel.

The article contains a lot of beautiful pictures made be its author.

Lush and colorful, Shokeda Forest

The decorated Damascus Gate during Festival of Light

Surfing on the background of Jaffa’s Old City

Migrating birds on a foggy morning, Hula Lake Park

Light above the Tomb of Jesus, Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Sun rays piercing through the clouds, the Galilee Mountains

Israel’s tallest building, Moshe Aviv Tower

I would also like to present in my every article the national costume (source).

Western Israeli Jewish women dressed in an Eastern Israeli Jewish Costume

Israeli Dance - Temani Israeli Folk Dancers - Temani

B. History of eIsrael

John TG provided me few things about history of eIsrael.

"Well, one of the most greatest moments of Israel was before 4 years, when Israel conquered almost the whole Saudi peninsula and we reached to UAE regions under the leadership of Joe Franco

Also, one of the greatest moments was after the 6 month occupation of Serbia, almost all the world came and help us and we liberated from hard occupation.
(thanks article).
Even serbs came and fought for us, because of this unfair occupation.

Also, great moments were our wars against Cyprus, Egypt."

From Filthy McNasty I got also a message.

"One of my favorite memories since being in Israel was under Rheinlander von Phalz's term as president. Under his term a lot of people were active, the military was very active and organized, morals were high and we conquered our first regions since I had been in the country. Another favorite memory was under Octavius Julius's reign. We got into EDEN during this time because of his help and many other."

More memories about events are welcome.

C. Interview with Israel people

Interview by silexu (SL😵 with two of the eIsrael players John TG (JTG) and onrop (ONR).

SLX. I understand you are not a native Israel player. What determined you to fight for Israel on first place? What kept you fighting for Israel?

JTG: I'm rl Greek player and i'm playing this game for 6 years , i signed up and started playing for my rl country Greece, but then after 1 year of playing for Greece i decided to quit Greece (cause constant internal fightings inside the community)and i invited from a good friend and great player and leader of Israel Joe Franco to migrate to Israel. For the next 5 years until today i'm playing for Israel, i love this country and israeli community!

ONR: I started playing in eGermany and stayed there for six years, never switched my CS. It's also the country I live in RL. However, Israel is my second favorite country and I always tried to help them on the battlefield. Some months ago Egypt made a coup in order to set her own dictator. I started tanking for Israel to help them against this attack. After this John offered me the Israeli CS and become CP. Actually I was thinking for a long time about coming to eIsrael. I would switch my CS only for this country. So I came here and stayed. I like the people and it is a good opportunity to get to know a new community.

SLX: You are old players that faced V1, V1.5, V2 versions of the game. Which one you consider it was the best version? What feature from that version did you like the most?

JTG: In my opinion the best version of this game was version 1. Why? Because in V1 we were not facing the unlimited tanking we face today. You had limited food fights, even the gold buyers had limited fights per day. So, even if you wanted to invest thousands of euros in this game you couldn't change the destiny of a battle. Allies were crucial part of your strategy. Today with this unlimited tanking and the unlimited COs battles are a joke for someone that have the ability to spend RL money. Also the economy system of the game was better. The only better things in our current version are the graphics inside the game.

ONR: My favorite versions were V1 and the version after V2 (eRepublik Rising). V2 wasn't working and they switched back to the old module, simplifying a lot of things. What I liked most back then was the huge amount of people playing this game. Also you had more possibilites and tactics. You could defeat your enemy thanks to clever moves. I remember when The German Eagle managed to fool the Poles with a fake MoD article.
I loved the old map. Political parties had a concrete sense and presidential candidates had real and different election programs.

SLX: What keeps you in the game in this moment?

JTG: Personally 2 things still keep me in this game. First of all, my account, is strong enough, with good strength (something you cannot buy in this game yet), so i don't want my account to stay behind. So, basically I maintain my account. It will be sad to let it die. The second thing that keeps me in this game is that I care for this community. Israeli community is a community without big population, so some times we had limited persons to run this country.So sometimes i feel responsible for Israel. Many times I thought to become 2 clicker(work, train, fight) but every time something happen and I'm get involved in politics, running the country, leading the country.

ONR: Just curious how the story of the eWorld will continue. There are still some interesting conflicts going on. After 3.000 days it's still possible to have a baby-boom, like recently in eIndonesia. However, the admins missed out to integrate new players. If they want new players to stay, they need to change the strength system.

Globe Trotter in Israel