Globe Trotter in Montenegro

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A. The beauty of Montenegro

I was looking to find facts about Montenegro and one of first articles that kept my attention was
25 Awesome Pics and Reasons to Visit Montenegro

Going back through the centuries, what is now Montenegro has changed hands several times. It has been ruled by the Venetians, the Ottomans, the Italians, the Yugoslavs, the French, the Austro-Hungarians. Yet, Montenegro has existed as a separate entity since the 16th century – when Italy was still divided in a myriad of principalities and statelets.

The Entrance to Kotor Old Town

Reconstruction and UNESCO World Heritage

The Baroque Altar of St Clara Church

Then I was impressed by the beautiful pictures from 10 Reasons You Need to Visit Montenegro

If the last time you even thought about this small Balkan country was during a geography exam, you’re not alone. Most tourists completely miss the mountains, churches, fortified cities, and beautiful beaches that dot this tiny country on the Adriatic Sea.

Sunsets over the Adriatic Sea in Bečići

Otherworldly landscapes at Skadar Lake National Park

I also got a nice YouTube presentation: Montenegro wild beauty
and images of the beautiful national costume(thanks PodgoricaninPG)

Well, watching YouTube you cannot miss stuff so I watched a nice combination of music and specific Montenegrin dance of Misel Gvozdenovic i Jadranka

B. The history of eMontenegro
I have no information from eMontenegro people so I will start with my thoughts and memories. I will gladly replace this with a more accurate history.

Since long time ago Montenegro was a country that tried to survive the Balkans wars between Serbia and Croatia. If I am not wrong the bond with Serbia is very old and depending of the power of the alliance Serbia was in, the country was prospering or it was erased from the map.

A long training war with Moldavia provided some breathing air for economy and politics of the country.

Currently the country is under dictatorship but is also having some boost that allows the country to extend the possession in Belgium.

Message from Salahudin el Ajub
Well when erepublik started Montenegro didn't exist, and our players played for Serbia. And with Serbian players we made Montenegro become eRepublik country.
eSerbia is our true ally, we are more than that - brothers. Without their help Montenegro wouldn't exist.
In eMontenegro u can find a lot of people from different countries, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Romania, Russia ... that's why we try to do bring a lot different players. If someone interested just need to PM me.
We have a lot of our player still play for eSerbia because there is full resource but fight for us everytime!

C. Chatting with Montenegro people
Interview with PorgoricaninPG (PPG) by silexu (SL😵

SLX: how did you get to the game? was there a "friend" asking you to join? you find about the game in an advertising?
PPG: well i find it on internet, 6 years ago, one portal from our country
make article about game
and here i am

SLX: but I see you registered in 2013
PPG: yeah, I restarted with a new account, but people know me

SLX: OK; so that happens 6 years ago and you are still here. what keeps you to the game?
PPG: yea 6 years ... i meet some good people , and now i drink with some of them …
Montenegro keeps me in game
to be honest i am one with few other people who keep montenegro live …

SLX: what is the great memory from this game?
PPG: well - first time when i became CP , Airstrike on USA , and fighting against Albania for Skadar (in rl history scadar was our territory we conquer it )

SLX: I see you answered very quick to my project, do you find it interesting?
PPG: o yea i always support projects like this
people need something to do what will keep them alive in this game
and i would like to see some other guys in montenegro, stay here and fight with us

SLX: thank you for your time and support
I would gladly do that
but I've started a mission
PPG: i know have a nice trip

Globe Trotter in Montenegro