Globe Trotter in Germany

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A. Beauty of Germany

Besides the suggestions from the players I found some nice articles:
10 best places to visit in Germany
Top 20 Places in Germany You’ve Got to Visit

And a very nice article about traditional costumes:

Richard-Wagner Festspielhaus (Festival Theather) in Bayereuth

Ermitage Bayreuth

The Enchanting Neuschwanstein Castle

The Enchanting Neuschwanstein Castle

Town Hall Munich

Romantic Road - Görlitz

Colourful Römerberg Platz, in Frankfurt

Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

Munich Christmas Market

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Warehouse, Hamburg

Lightning storm, Frankfurt

Berlin for nature lovers

Sylvenstein Bridge by StefanPrech on DeviantArt

Old Rhine Arm - Niederrhein

The Rakotz Bridge in Kromlau, by Mister Kim Photography

Berlin Zoo - Europe's Most Visited Zoo

Let's not forget about national costume (it was very hard to pick one from the article mentioned above)

Traditional costumes of Oberstdorf, Bavaria, Germany

B. eHistory of Germany
Unfortunately I don't received any messages from players. But there is still time. Please send a message with your best memories from the history of eGermany and I will publish them here.

Globe Trotter Itinerary

Globe Trotter in Germany