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[MoEd] A Guide of Guides!

Day 2,396, 05:11 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Department for Education

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated” Oscar Wilde

The Ministry Of Education Guide of Guides!

The Ministry Of Education has scoured the great libraries of knowledge, delved into the ancient volumes of MoEd doctorine and searched the great google beast to bring you this compiled list of guides covering every possible part of Erepublik and the eUK.

Erepublik For Newbies (Very large and detailed guide covering all aspect of the eRepublik) – Kravenn

How to use IRC – VaultGuy and Cheetah Curtis

An Introduction to the Military Module:

Frequently Asked Questions- The Equalist

Training Grounds Advice:

A Guide to the Freedom Fighter Achievement:

Political Parties Info - LongshotzZ

Parties and Policies (May/June 2014) – Chaznoodles

What are Empires and Determination?- Sven Goran Duran

How government Ministries Work - Cheetah Curtis

The World Congress - Cheetah Curtis

Preparing for war - Big Ant

Guide for New Player – Eaglorion

eRepublik Youtube Channel :

Brazilian Sabotage Mission Rewards Guide

Please forgive any oversights or missed articles, should you have an amazing guide or article we have overlooked don’t hesitate to get in contact and we can include your work.

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This Message Was Proudly Presented By Your Education Ministry Team
Minister of Education - Lazarus Eternal
Deupties- Massacar, LongshotzZ



Ser Fartsalot
Ser Fartsalot Day 2,396, 05:16

Nice job. v

Sambo911 Day 2,396, 05:30

so many guides

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 2,396, 08:40


KearoB Day 2,396, 08:46

nice one

Sven Goran Duran-Duran
Sven Goran Duran-Duran Day 2,396, 13:58

voted, good article

averson Day 2,396, 17:34

Very informative, vote!

Niemand Day 2,397, 00:15


Perry Rhodan
Perry Rhodan Day 2,397, 06:05


Yosemite Sam01
Yosemite Sam01 Day 2,397, 08:13


Michael Alan Westen
Michael Alan Westen Day 2,397, 08:51


Michael Ludgate
Michael Ludgate Day 2,397, 12:54

Few names I recognise as the authors for the gold standard articles on their respective topics. Nice collation and kudos to each author.

CheetahCurtis Day 2,397, 23:49

I think my name is mentioned the most but Kravenn's guide is much larger and probably has a lot of stuff from the other guides.

Go MoEd!

chaznoodles Day 2,398, 10:22

That feel when featured in a MoED article! o7

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