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[Mav] Tales of a shadow

1,904 jour, 14:08 Published in India Inde de Mav10 DK

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"The history of free men is never really written by chance but by choice; their choice!" ~ Dwight Eisenhower

The wind blew strong and chilly. Brown leaves desperately clung to dried up branches, reluctant to pass on, resisting the changing seasons. Yet the wind was unrelenting. It carried with it a cold reminder that change was evident. Change was life. And much had changed in the eWorld.

A shadow flitted across the almost empty streets in a remote town in Chattisgarh. It had a strange familiarity, and yet felt out of place - like a remnant of a bygone era, a ghost of many a yesterday gone.

Its movements were not that of one in familiar territory. Often pausing, somewhat stumbling, it walked across the landscape - unsure of where it was headed, what it meant to do here. So much seemed familiar, yet were as different as could be on closer inspection.

It only knew that it had been here before, spent many an hour immersed in the sights & sounds - raging monumental battles, sharing toasts with friends and foes alike, quiet moments composing letters of some worth. The memories beckoned, the voices of Davids & Shails called, the land called for his return.

The silent observer passed a shop with broken mirrors. One could tell battle had been raging in these shores not long back. Many a betrayal had taken place, many a casualty in changing alliances - the glass mirrors had seen a lot lately, had many a story to tell.

The observer stepped up to one of the mirrors. It was still obscure in the near darkness. Carefully lifting it up, the shadow looked deep into its own reflection. It knew not why the land looked so bleak, why the streets so empty, what stories the mirror had been witness to.

All it knew, all Mav knew, as he was stared into his own reflection, was that he was here. For whatever its worth, he was once again part of this story, eIndia's story.


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Mav10 DK
Mav10 DK 1,904 jour, 14:10

Guess who's back, b******

Lonqu 1,904 jour, 14:11

Why am I not surprised? xD

lHonouR 1,904 jour, 14:55

Just in time for the fireworks 😉

ShockWavve 1,905 jour, 23:01


ShockWavve 1,905 jour, 23:01


Ind1anMartyr 1,905 jour, 23:30

The shadow is indeed pretty large methinks : D

Welcome back Mav... maybe we could now have a relay writing session? ; ) too much work on my hands meant I had to ditch either that blog OR retention...

maybe you could put the muse back... at least ingame i can have wall of text articles too... not that great for newbies though! : D

my response coming up ; )

Dranze R
Dranze R 1,905 jour, 23:39

welcome back o7

Mav10 DK
Mav10 DK 1,905 jour, 01:10

Heheh Ash, you're on! Expect my next later tonight ...

Ind1anMartyr 1,905 jour, 01:15

I know you already read it ; ) WOnder what your "communique" will bring ; )


SEP M.V 1,905 jour, 01:20

welcome back mavo

Edmond.D 1,905 jour, 01:34


Akshit IInd
Akshit IInd 1,905 jour, 02:20

welcome back o/

Asmitatheone 1,905 jour, 03:12


Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector 1,905 jour, 03:58

Welcome back dude....

Xicor13 1,905 jour, 06:06

Mav is back \o/

shail.back 1,905 jour, 06:51

Welcome back mav... 🙂

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma 1,905 jour, 21:47

i think m new here

Patanjali 1,906 jour, 23:12

the old gang is gathering

GouthamKrishnan 1,906 jour, 23:43

o7 :--)

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