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eRepublik v2 - get me up to speed

59 Day 1,265, 06:26 Published in Canada Canada Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

The v2 logo - Where'd it go? Heh.

I haven't played eRepublik in quite some time. I dropped off the radar just before the implementation of v2. I checked in now, and I

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1st World Citizen Competition (200 GOLD prize)

75 Day 922, 20:40 Published in USA USA

I have lately wondered what might be considered a difficult (but still interesting) feat to accomplish within eRepublik. Something that pushes the envelope of what can be done within the … read more »

eRepublik and the Search for Meaning

67 Day 919, 08:02 Published in Greece Greece

(Looks a lot more fun than a fight button... whatever it is...)

Twenty days ago, I was asking to die, to leave eRepublik behind... at least for more … read more »

Don't Fear the Reaper

55 Day 899, 18:24 Published in USA USA

Dio tells us that we all come from sand, and to sand we shall return. Many profess their belief in his words, but do they truly embrace them? Dio Brando read more »

super important top secret IRC logs leaked

39 Day 896, 16:46 Published in USA USA

A very important follow-up to this ground-shaking article (and [url= more »