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1st World Citizen Competition (200 GOLD prize)

Day 922, 20:40 Published in USA Canada by Buck Roger

I have lately wondered what might be considered a difficult (but still interesting) feat to accomplish within eRepublik. Something that pushes the envelope of what can be done within the platform -- and within the artificial structures that we as players have constructed on that platform.

There are of course obvious ones such as the medals: Media Mogul, Resistance Hero, Battle Hero, Society Builder, President. But the easy ways of achieving all of these have been common knowledge for a long time now.

In mid-2009, eRepublik acquired a new feature that changed permanently the way politics (and wars) played out: citizenship. After that change, you had to curry the favor of one of the congress members in that country (or its immigrations department) to acquire a new citizenship. Moreover, in small countries, these may be highly prized, as there would be an average of 1 citizenship to hand out per congress member per 400 citizens in a country with a 40 member congress.

Thus, the concept is born a year later for a great competition. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to acquire citizenship in each of the 60 countries currently in eRepublik.

Some rules:

1 - You will have to have 60 screenshots in order to win, each one of the approval page with the name of the congress member who approved you and the date it happened.

2 - You cannot 'shop' your screenshots. If there is concern about it, these congress members may be questioned about whether you were approved by them.

3 - You do not get retroactive credit. All approvals must take place on June 1, 2010, or later.

If you are the first to achieve this, you will receive the title of 1st World Citizen and a 200 GOLD prize. (There is no second prize. There can be only one.)

Please be sure to link to this article, for the trackback, if you want to report on your adventures as you attempt to become the 1st World Citizen yourself. To keep things interesting, I will be in the competition personally. Good luck to everyone!


Ace_Blazer Day 922, 20:43


Che Greco
Che Greco Day 922, 20:47

lol 200 gold only? make it 1000 , it'll be more interesting 😛

Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 922, 20:48

GL to that person who has no life to do that hehe

Nosyt Day 922, 20:49

~hyuu~ 😮
I think I've had like, 2 citizenship's thus far 😛

Mossad Day 922, 20:49

cool stuff 🙂 i cant get slovak citizenship .. other than this i am ready to compete 🙂
i guess we need to make the deadline and to make the winner the one who got more c'ships by that deadline

Bristel Akina
Bristel Akina Day 922, 20:49

Mission: Improbable.

I can't leave Ireland, and I can't accept citizenships from random people... lol

sonofup1 Day 922, 20:50

lol. ive only been a citizen to two country's. As much as I need the gold, I don't want to get a 3rd citizenship... let alone a 66th....

Max McFarland 2
Max McFarland 2 Day 922, 20:50

Buck has returned. 😁

Lex Talbot
Lex Talbot Day 922, 20:51

Darn... I'm stuck in Congress or I would so take on the challenge.

Myles Robinson
Myles Robinson Day 922, 20:53

This catches my interest.

Astra Kat G
Astra Kat G Day 922, 20:53

Lol, just a couple of notes here:

1. Don't try to get USA citizenship unless you know a Congressman personally and he or she vouches for you; the process of getting USA citizenship is typically a long one, so it'll slow up your travels if you apply for USA citizenship.

2. Don't leave USA and expect to get your USA citizenship back quickly unless you know a Congressman personally or mail me before you get foreign citizenship so that I can check your profile and verify that you were, in fact, a previous holder of USA citizenship before this competition began.

THAT SAID, however, USA Congressmen have plenty of citizenship approvals to use, and most months we don't even use them all, so as long as you establish with a current, sitting Congressman or myself beforehand that you're a legal holder of USA citizenship before this competition begins, you should have no problems getting your USA citizenship back once it's over.

NOTE: a screenshot of your profile with USA citizenship will not be accepted as amble proof of your identity. Either myself or a Congressman needs to see it for him/herself before you get foreign citizenship.

Buck, feel free to update your original post with this, if you want.

~Astra from eUS Immigration

Jenavive RoseThorne Gemstone
Jenavive RoseThorne Gemstone Day 2,373, 14:39

Congressmen and congresswomen*

Protesilaos Day 922, 20:57

Gl on that

Ballman Day 922, 20:58


JPVS Day 922, 20:58


Longbaugh Day 922, 21:02

Tell me how you got 136 Society Builder medals and I'll do it for free.

Omino Day 922, 21:02

V for Voted!

Candor Day 922, 21:15


New eAmerican players: Immigration is SERIOUS business in the eUS.

READ Astra's post above if you plan to do this. This could really put a damper on your day/elife if you don't.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 922, 21:16


Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 922, 21:20

Astra is right. This might be the most action the IES will ever get XD

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Day 922, 21:21

In the end, there can be only one.

Mossad Day 922, 21:24

re: Astra's post
e-America thinks its America 🙂 lol

Lex Talbot
Lex Talbot Day 922, 21:39

Astra is right... PLEASE DO AS SHE SAYS!

If needed, you can check in with me, I is finally congressmen. So, yeah... DO WHAT ASTRA SAYS!

Crokage Day 922, 21:47

i had 3 cs's 🙂 so far

Tristan Myza
Tristan Myza Day 922, 21:50

@Longbaugh I know how he got 136 Society Builder Medals, but because I like Buck (and don't want to ruin anything for him) I'm not going to give up his secret 😉

Artiga Day 922, 21:55

Who will be the crazy to do do this achievement?

Paladin Sutera
Paladin Sutera Day 922, 22:20

Im gonna try it. I need the prize money.

Afanasiy Drago
Afanasiy Drago Day 922, 22:24

Really cool competition. I was hoping by now they'd have added a passport feature to show all the countries someone had visited/obtained citizenship in, and then a medal for those who had obtained citizenship in every country (it was suggested by zoli or someone some 6-months ago), but obviously that's asking a little much.

Way to take the initiative and do this Buck Roger.

Brangau Day 922, 22:26

Wow, way to go. Need stamps...need stamps 🙂

feuvan Day 922, 22:30


LigangMa Day 922, 22:31


Papein Day 922, 22:32

buck ftw

vasmegye Day 922, 22:54

so interesting competition:)

Himzo_Cetvrtina Day 923, 00:06

Rly nice, GL to all 🙂

Medusa s
Medusa s Day 923, 00:10


Nomad_Soul Day 923, 00:40

Congrats on the article ... this is going to be a tough one, if i would have been FM i would have tried, but i have much catching up to do 🙁

giannis tsiolis
giannis tsiolis Day 923, 00:55

Buck, do you believe that the mission at hand, is even close to possible for an average player??? Who would spent about 30 gold in tickets , and still , not be certain if you will pay out the price of the task (if ever accomblished) due to the lack of a sigle screenshot????
Its awild goose chase, not a competition!

LanselotGiannis Day 923, 01:09


RevengerDE Day 923, 02:07

its really difficult 🙂

You have to write the reason in order to have the application approved.And its really very very difficult to pass through Phoenix countries while you are EDEN.
Good Luck.

Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Day 923, 02:13

Dude, screenshots can be easily faked, by, e.g., using firebug. I could "create" 60 citizenships in about 10 min. So forget about it, know what I mean?

Steez Monkee
Steez Monkee Day 923, 02:36

marloče, jesi lud.. šuti i napravi 😃 hahaha 😛

Neits Day 923, 03:46

Lord Marlock, you would need to somehow convince one congressman from each country to vouch for, that is the difficult part.

koki4a_94 Day 923, 04:16

Now that's a lot of traveling to Singapore 😛....

Jason Miron
Jason Miron Day 923, 05:21

Buck strikes again with something to make the game more exciting!

galonas3 Day 923, 06:26


Rangu Day 923, 07:08

how the hell are you going to go from an EDEN country to an PHX country ?

BiG Serxhio
BiG Serxhio Day 923, 07:25

how the heck should I buy 60*0.4g=24g and + well that I'll lose, not worth to take a chance to win something, if the price would be much higher...

Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous Oxide Day 923, 08:14

>how the hell are you going to go from an EDEN country to an PHX country ?

Neutral countries.

siumanzi Day 923, 09:08

funny contest

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 923, 09:10

I bet if anyone does it, It'll be someone insanely rich who spends RL money on the game, and can afford to bribe congreemen 😕 GL to them though!

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