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Was an Immigration Policy Ever Decided?

8 Day 667, 09:43 Published in Greece Greece

(RL Greek passport)

My cursory review of the approved and pending applications show that a few congress members have granted citizenships, a larger number of congress … read more »

Political Parties + Media = Military Win??

5 Day 661, 18:25 Published in Greece Greece

Orders are good. Seen orders are better. The more eyes the merrier.

I logged onto my wood-smuggling ring and found this lovely sight before my eyes. I almost choked up and cried.

You should too. It. Was. Just. That.

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I Have a New Paper

8 Day 661, 17:33 Published in Greece Greece

Do you like it?

Second question.

Do you think I can get a media mogul faster on this paper, or that it would have been faster to have waited for the admins to transfer the paper from my [url= more »