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eRepublik v2 - get me up to speed

Day 1,265, 06:26 Published in Canada Canada by Buck Roger

The v2 logo - Where'd it go? Heh.

I haven't played eRepublik in quite some time. I dropped off the radar just before the implementation of v2. I checked in now, and I noticed some things, from the bird's eye view.

Specialization of careers - must have failed. I now have a basic economy score. I know I resented when my career xp was apportioned for me because I did not allocate the points myself in time. (Am I supposed to log in every week or suffer account mutilation? Not even Warcrack^H^Hft would do that to me.)

Specialization of military weapons - see previous.

Daily wellness system - must have been too hard to understand, and has been replaced with "stuff your belly, you can eat 3000 calories daily!"

Wellness packs - Despite the fact that you can regain 6x the wellness for free now, you only get 4x the wellness you used to get from gold, with the new price of 0.5 per 10. Slick.

Develop my own land - is anyone excited about this? I nearly refuse to touch it because it looks like Yet Another Way To Get People To Delete Gold. But I'm sure Mr and Ms Q. Public is having a hard time getting their 3000 calories and their Q1 guns when defending their land, to worry too much about developing it.

Missions - funniest one yet is to discover El Dorado. What is the time frame of this game anyway? I'm a highly paid industrial worker who makes tanks and plays weekend warrior blowing up Serbs. I'm supposed to be hunting for treasures too?

Treasure Maps - Arghh, you may no longer be finding me booty. This is another nice feature to get rid of. Glad to see it gone, replaced with "collect your gold twice monthly."

New combat system - Tastes more like the old combat system! Really, this is a much better blend of "PvP" (not really, just for show) and the simplicity of "The Wall." This is a casual game with battle as a central feature, so that feature better be simple enough not to require lots of time or effort.

Newspapers in citizenship country only - Well this sucks really, my biggest fun was to globe-trot and write interesting articles. I suppose I could still do that, but it would require actual globe-trotting.

It looks like some serious updating has happened to this game that has made it very much new and improved... and more like the game of two years ago. The features they had us excited about in the launch for v2 have nearly all evaporated. What's left is a simplified game that tries to give you more reason than ever to taste its premium product (the game on gold-steroids).

It almost makes me miss Lana and Napoleon, my personal workout trainer. Almost. 😉

PS - If anyone completed the challenge of the previous article (Mission Impossible - become a citizen of every country), please contact me to collect your prize! If you came close, tell me your story, and you may receive a consolation prize.



Akhuna Day 1,265, 06:27

"VOTED And CS, PERTAMAXXX Comment by akhuna eIndonesia"

Enasel Bogdan
Enasel Bogdan Day 1,265, 06:34

welcome back, the game change a lot, the only positive aspect is that you can now supply yourself with food, weapons if you create companies.

kikooo Day 1,265, 06:39

good to see you back:)

cRiSiLo Day 1,265, 06:52

love lana : ) And damn we missed you. hope you are going to stay from now on

Giwrgos Paloukhs
Giwrgos Paloukhs Day 1,265, 07:17

welcome back buck
I remember you siad you will rest forever in peace in the holy sands of Pakistan

Viado Celtru
Viado Celtru Day 1,265, 07:17

WB Buck

Giwrgos Paloukhs
Giwrgos Paloukhs Day 1,265, 07:19

BTW your strenght is for teh lulz

Sam Crawford
Sam Crawford Day 1,265, 08:00


Nosyt Day 1,265, 08:08


Fiend-Stalker Day 1,265, 08:11


zomfgzor Day 1,265, 08:49

welcome back o/

Megalexandros Day 1,265, 08:55

Good points, I especially agree on the newspaper part.

Good to have u back mate!

delete this
delete this Day 1,265, 08:58

voted 🙂

Skyattacker Day 1,265, 08:58

Welcome Buck xD

nagant895 Day 1,265, 08:59


Ion Dragoumis
Ion Dragoumis Day 1,265, 09:00


Dr. F
Dr. F Day 1,265, 09:00

I've heard stories about you
Ι thought you were a myth, I wasn't sure that you really existed.


TigerII91 Day 1,265, 09:00

welcome back o/

Dr. F
Dr. F Day 1,265, 09:00


vevekoko Day 1,265, 09:02

shit man, look at how Plato reduced your power...

Tan Ice
Tan Ice Day 1,265, 09:10


perikles69 Day 1,265, 09:11

vote & sub

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Day 1,265, 09:15


No'mos Day 1,265, 09:16

welcome back mate

Publius Day 1,265, 09:23


ion-voda Day 1,265, 09:34

WB 🙂

CarterarthuRRR Day 1,265, 09:37

Mission Impossible - become a citizen of every country sounds challanging. I wonder if someone actually did manage doing that. wb

Skylovaravas Day 1,265, 09:51

Good to see you back

Perdikos Day 1,265, 09:58

Welcome back!

CybeRNerO Day 1,265, 10:07

Welcome back! 🙂

Deflection Day 1,265, 10:52

welcome back!

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,265, 10:56

Glad to see you.

Bacalsaki Day 1,265, 11:04



Plugson Day 1,265, 11:13

"The game has changed but the people always stay the same."

Blood-Red _Sandman
Blood-Red _Sandman Day 1,265, 11:46

Welcome back, Buck Roger!)

kiffer Day 1,265, 11:59

welcome back to erep

AlRBOURNE Day 1,265, 12:15

welcome back

giannis tsiolis
giannis tsiolis Day 1,265, 12:45

good to see you e-alive again!!!
do visit us in egreece, we still remember you with warm feelings

Kentel Day 1,265, 13:26

Welcome back.

Ektonosiakos Day 1,265, 13:34

we really missed you

arxaios Day 1,265, 14:20

o/ Buck

PTOLEMEOS Day 1,265, 14:35

Welcome back... Back

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,265, 17:20

You didn't miss much!

Joe Newton
Joe Newton Day 1,265, 19:07

1g=346 USD
Media is ruined.
Politics and war suck because the game only attracts twits, and only stupid people stay.

PimpDollaz Day 1,266, 00:29

hey, good to see you back

yellow roses
yellow roses Day 1,266, 00:34

welcome back

Mojo Jojo23
Mojo Jojo23 Day 1,266, 00:53

welcome back

Dagislav Day 1,266, 02:33

Welcome back! Nice and concise article.

George Beeman
George Beeman Day 1,266, 05:13

You forgot snimda is now tyrannical

AMIRBiBAK Day 1,266, 09:06



i was Citizenship

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