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There's Something About EDEN...

63 Day 891, 06:53 Published in Indonesia Indonesia

A team of Hungarian scientists called an emergency conference today to determine what it is that led to the unexpected epic failure of their empire and their alliance.

At first they wondered whether it has anything to do with the
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Embracing Dio

94 Day 890, 12:01 Published in USA USA

There was a time when I didn’t know at one moment how I would make it to the next. Yes, one can make war in this world, imitate love, torture one’s fellow man, posture in the papers, or merely speak … read more »

The Art of Wellness Self-Maintenance and 24-Clicking

31 Day 884, 22:42 Published in Canada Canada

This is the first time that my guide to wellness self-maintenance for new players is being published in my newspaper (original here) and a second time for

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ο παίκτης των είκοσι-τεσσάρων-κλικ

28 Day 884, 22:32 Published in Greece Greece

This is a translation into Greek, undertaken by astereos, of my article Graduate

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Raise the Voting Age (Open Letter)

104 Day 881, 23:18 Published in Greece Greece

Help by signing this open letter on the forum:
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