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Export Markets for Every Industry [VOTE]

60 Day 869, 11:20 Published in Poland Poland

Find out all the best markets for export, for any industry! I am working on creating a website that will do this for you automatically, every day.

Help publicize an outstanding guide for all who … read more »

No Country Is An Island

60 Day 868, 15:27 Published in USA USA

Okay,... the next article, in a few hours, will have the promised article on exports!
Sometimes the inspiration hits me, and I just can't wait to … read more »

To Norway, with Love (Open Letter)

65 Day 868, 01:36 Published in Norway Norway

We interrupt your regular news for an important bulletin.

Recently, the newly elected president of Norway committed military suicide into the UK and Russia.

If you are wondering how this happened, the country's president election was … read more »

My e-Life and Work (and Website)

55 Day 867, 23:53 Published in Greece Greece

My newspaper began as one that is "primarily about Greece and for just about anything I want to write about, including the non-charts and graphs stuff" and carried the torch for both worlds (personal and political, economic and analytic)

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Best Jobs in the New World

48 Day 863, 14:56 Published in USA USA

I am writing to you live from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in the midst of a week-long cruise. Yet neither snow, nor sleet, nor hail, nor surf, nor margaritas on the beach will keep the articles from going through. The articles must go through!

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