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I am the Alpha I am the Omega
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I am the Alpha I am the Omega
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I am aware that I screwed up my previous article, but I also promised that this one will make up for it.
I apologize to you, my dear readers because of my fail and I promise you once again that no failiures will ever be seen in this newspapers.
You have my word on it.

Now let`s get back to the important stuff:
#6 brings you more exciting news from the eRepublik


1.1 Takeovers
1.2 West Siberian Region
1.3 Storytelling
1.4 American Tale


3.1 Popular Topics
3.2 Arena
3.3 Buy, Sell or Offer a Loan


1.1 Takeovers

[NEWS] TO risk around the World by sebahmah

sebahmah did a really good job in this article and brought you the list of countries that have the biggest risk of being takeovered.
He took population number, gold and currency in treasury, number of active voters and strategic location of the country and made a table of takeover ratings.
Countries that have a 3+ rating have extremely high risk of being takeovered.
Bosnia is an absolute recorder in this because her rating is 7.
I am very happy to announce that Croatia isn`t even on the list, that means we are one of the superpowers that are almost impossible to takeover, but don take that info for granted because every country can be takeovered if enough money and people are gathered so we always have to be prepared.

Hungarian goons are spotted in Norway, Slovakia, Ukraine and Czech Republic
Indonesian goons are spotted in China and Bosnia

1.2 West Siberian Region

[Análise] A mãe de todas as batalhas by Euphonix

Strength and Honor [EDITED with STATS] by sebahmah

Couple of days ago the biggest fight in the history of eRepublik occured in West Siberian Region.
It truly was a battle of epic proportions with thousands of soldiers on both sides trying to beat the other side.
In this articles you can find the complete statistics about the soldiers, ranks and damage dealt in this glorious battle.
The battle was fierce but in the end Atlantis prevailed and thus revenged for the previous battle Romania had lost.
This war is no longer just a war between Romania and Indonesia, it has become an all out war between Atlantis and PEACE GC and we can state that World War is in it`s peak.

O rugido dos leões dos campos de batalha... ~ by Sparta Kratos

Respect Indonesia! [message of the Romanian president] by dsalageanu

This two articles present you with the stories from the battlefield.

The one by Sparta Kratos speaks all about the fierceness of the battle and how they fought with all their might against an equally efficient and powerfull oponent.
He describes the events that happened just minutes before the battle ended.
Although sad because of the loss he is proud that he participated in that battle, but says he will take a break from fighting until his almost lethal wounds heal.

In the other atricle the president of Romania dsalageanu wants to congratulate to his Indonesian neighbours for putting on such a brave and powerfull show of force.
He says that for the first time he feels alive in this game, and he looks forward to new battles between Atlantis and PEACE because this two alliances are finally working as they should, helping their allies win a battle no matter the costs.

1.3 Storytelling
It looks like our dear neighbour Quicksilver started to write some poetic texts.
If you are tired of wars, statistics, and politics you might find it very interesting, butI warn you that things are not always as they seem.
These texts tel the story of Hungary, their plans, future actions, current problems and possible answers to those problems.

Állatmesék I. [Fables I.]

This story is about a fish and a cat, and it`s attempt to get herself a delicious meal.
If you look at it closely and link it with the current situation in eRep you can see that the fish is actually Hungary and cat is Romania.
It describes the Romanian tendencies towards Hungarian territory and Hungarian defensive actions.
It also brings a plan to free theirselves from Romanian leadership and start a new life without worries of being annihilated.

Madarat tolláról [Birds of a Feather]

In this one she poetically describes the current war situation in the world.
She never liked being under a common banner with someone else because of her anarchistic nature, but when you see citizens of New World together under a common sign of their alliance some sort of bliss and power surrounds you.
You may even walk to Hell itself and back, beacuse when you fight for the same cause wit a whole group of others it gives you power to do anything.
You may end up wounded, you may lose a battle or even a war but you are proud to be a part of the same group that tried to change something.

Hidak és falak [Bridges and Walls]

This one also talks about wars, more specifically the recent battle between Romania and Indonesia in the West Siberian Region.
Although this was the greatest battle of all times she feels a little bit disappointed because she feels that it wasn the real show of power from the alliances, she believe thay can do much more damage in the future battles.
She describes the organization of the attack, and all the fine aspects that made this fight epic.
The future she expects will be fierce indeed.

Morfondírozás [Contemplation]

Finally the last one.
It talks about the situation concerning Hungarys neighbours and their future plans with them.
The article is devided into 8 notes, and the fifth is one of the most important because it involves us.
Hungary is afraid of the situation that may happen if we conquer Serbia and make great connections with Bosnia.
They are afraid of Atlantis and prepare to do anything to keep safe their borders and even spread their might.
There is a possibility of a takeover in some of the countries, primarily they are thinking of Serbia because they will be weakend but we also must be aware that they have a lot of people they can spare in order to take us over.
I repeat again we must be careful at all times, because only a few people know their true plans.

If you want to read an interview with Quicksilver take a look at this article A magyar politika arcai: Quicksilver
You can google translate it in English, it works well enough to get the main picture.

1.4 American Tale

US is in a state of complete disarray, Uncle sam has been impeached and Scrabman has become it`s new president.
Uncle Sam misused his power so membes of congress tried to impeach him for the third time.
And it really was third time lucky because Sam was finally forced to give up the office.
In these couple of articles i will bring you the story that was behind all of this.
As you know USA was involved in a costly war with Mexico which they lost and Sam had to explain why.

***Returning Home, Facing Cold Wars and Economics*** by Uncle Sam

Sam explains why they failed in the war and tries to fix the situation, he says that they needed to retreat because of the PEACE which was getting stronger by the day.
This attack cost USA a whole lot of money so they had to fix the situation in their country.
They started printing US Dollars to save their economy.
He also stated that USA will not be involved in any fights as long as their economy is not stabilized.

***Realization of a Presidential Dream*** by Uncle Sam

In this article he says that being a president was always his big dream and that he finally made it happen.
He is aware that he failed big time with this war, but he states that being a president is a tough job, but being a president of USA is even tougher.
He realizes that he screwed up but he still thinks that he can make things better and decides not to resign from his position.

The Fleecing of America by Joe DaSmoe

This article came after.
Joe explains us the situation that happenned when USA decidet to help Romania against Indonesia.
Everything went well except for one thing, US marines didn`t get enough weapons.
The taxes were raised because war had to be funded so the question was where did all this gold go?

Uncle Sam donated 432 gold to Big Brother through eUSA Marines.
Those gold was used to fund only three citizens, three USA tanks: Benn Dover, Pearlswine and Tybec.
Marines were of course furious because of that, and wanted to know why this happenned.
Uncle Sam made an epic error once again.

***431 Gold, Where and Why*** by Uncle Sam
Sam tried to exlain why this donation was made to Big Brother.
He realizes that his end is near and tries to convince people that this donation was organized with Romanian fundings and that it was all aranged with dsalageanu.
USA was to give Romania 3 high powered tanks and Romania will fund their fights.
The problem is that Sam never asked anyone for a permission to do that thing, and by now he lost almost all credibility.
The people were allready blaming Sam for misplaceing an amount of 300 gold which was newer found, they suspect that he had transferred it through Monetary Market since it is untracable.
In the end he calls people to celebrate the victory over Indonesia and not to worry about these type of problems.

And all of this lead to this one thing.

***An Informal Resignation*** by Uncle Sam

By now all of USA is furious and wants to see Sam kicked out of the office, he can`t stand all of the attacks on him so he publishes this article.
He says that he knows that he made a couple of errors that cost US a lot of gold and respect, he states that he was AFK for a couple of days and when he got bac he saw that he was being impeached.
He wishes best of luck to Scrabman in this half of the term that was left.
Sam confessed that he thought about stealing from the treasury when he saw the impeachment but decided not to do it, he decided to leave the office with a shread of dignity left in him.

Now you can see the whole picture behind the impeachment of Uncle Sam.
If you want it short and sweet you can always check this article ~A Look Back On The Uncle Sam Era~ by Desertfalcon

You can also check this article to see what kind of people sit in their congress - The Problems in America :: All 51 of them [update] – by Justinious McWalburgson III
So if you ever feel that you need to say something against us that sit in the congress of eCroatia please read this first.


2.1 Poland vs. Romania

The battle occurs in Volhynia
Q5 Hospital - Poland - Mazovia
Q5 Hospital - Romania - Banat, Moldova, Muntenia, Podolia, Transilvania

2.2 RW vs. Hungary

The battle occurs in Burgenland
It was started by F4llen4ngel
Q5 Hospital - Hungary - Southern Great Plain, Western Transdanubia

3.1 Popular Topics

1. Srbia-Croatia
2. http://www.erepublik.com/en/forum/topic/89640/all-hail-atlantis/1
3. Poverty in the eUSA
4. The Chruch of the New World
5. TO attempt in the Czech Republic

3.2 Arena

1. Contest : Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, taken over ?

3.3 Buy, Sell or Offer a Loan

1. Chazisop is selling Q1 weapons
2. Jutocsa is selling Q1 weapn company
3. Balkan Military Group is sellin Q2 DS company
4. Benn Dover is selling three Q5 DSs
5. Izrael is buying a Q5 DS

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