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" know how, when a baby is first born, it just cries at the sheer horror of being alive?"
-Julie (Scott Pilgrim Volume 3)

Dr. Proteus and how I learned to not worry, and love this Candidate

13 Day 985, 07:42 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

I hope you all get this movie reference

Paul Proteus’ Candidacy for President of eSwitzerland!

Stan, That’s me!
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The Tale of Three Languages

8 Day 958, 16:28 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

This is only one part, The Tale of the Three Languages
Earlier you saw that Paul did Beatles, he does Fairy Tales as well!

Seriously though, I am sick of people

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A little Song, Tales of Interest, and Some SFP News!

6 Day 954, 16:06 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

This Article of Goodbye Blue Monday will be divided into three parts,
A Little Song
Tales of Interest
SFP News Bulletin

Starting with,
A Little Song

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Romandie, SFP Candidates, and a Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger

5 Day 947, 14:48 Published in Switzerland Switzerland


Yeah, a lot of noobs are running
Remember guys, hold your votes, and to track votes, go <a>here</a>

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Paul is Going for Congress, The SFP, an Erepublik Odyssey, Goodbye Wazamaza

12 Day 944, 11:08 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

This article of Good-Bye Blue Monday is in three parts,
Paul is Going for Congress
SFP, an Erepublik Odyssey
Goodbye Wazamaza
Starting with
Paul is Going to Congress!
I am Paul, and for the fifth time I am running

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