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" know how, when a baby is first born, it just cries at the sheer horror of being alive?"
-Julie (Scott Pilgrim Volume 3)

I Like Pike! [Paul For President]

16 Day 1,080, 15:48 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

Okay, so I was a LITTLE cheap when picking out campaign stickers

That's right, … read more »

A Modest Proposal [Paul for President]

15 Day 1,072, 19:14 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

That's right, again, Paul4Prez

I am just here to make a Modest Proposal,

Please oh read more »

The Clifford Burns Political Machine

10 Day 1,062, 12:22 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

The Clifford Burns Political Machine

Depending in how well this turns out, I may be starting a series of cartoons, borrowing from the style of Thomas Nast

Thomas Nast was an American Cartoonist in the 1800s and with his cartoons, he read more »

This Machine...

4 Day 1,055, 07:34 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

Another article of Good-Bye Blue Monday (bask in the warmth), before I get to the main segment, I have something to say about giving up hope,

Many people say with Walther as president, there is no hope left, and life sucks

I am here to prove

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6 Day 1,050, 12:40 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

First, it is I Paul,
Let me illustrate my unhappiness with Pictures,
THis is me when I came to my computer:

Thats right, I was eating CAKE

This is me after I checked the

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