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" know how, when a baby is first born, it just cries at the sheer horror of being alive?"
-Julie (Scott Pilgrim Volume 3)

The Legend of Paul!

18 Day 1,021, 10:19 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

Whoo, old games are really pixelated
Hey, this is my farewell from Presidency article, as my good friend Jimakos-Thess will be president (though it was a close race), but I first … read more »

Weekend Update, Constitution, and Jobs Jobs and more Jobs!

14 Day 1,007, 19:22 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

This Article of Good-Bye Blue Monday will be divided into three parts,
-Jobs, Jobs, and more Jobs
-Weekend Update
-The Constitution
Starting with,
Jobs, Jobs and more Jobs
As you know, the previous

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The Government-Day 1000

24 Day 1,000, 18:28 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

This article of Good-Bye Blue Monday will be divided into three parts, the first will be non-government related, the next two will consist of our slightly late weekly report,

-Day 1000
-Weekly Report
-Addressing Criticism

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Presidential Address

10 Day 990, 12:02 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

Your Awesome President Addresses the Press!
Swiss Citizens, it is I, Paul Proteus, President of the Confederation, with my terms first Address,

First, thank you all for … read more »

Dr. Proteus and how I learned to not worry, and love this Candidate

13 Day 985, 07:42 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

I hope you all get this movie reference

Paul Proteus’ Candidacy for President of eSwitzerland!

Stan, That’s me!
This Article of … read more »