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" know how, when a baby is first born, it just cries at the sheer horror of being alive?"
-Julie (Scott Pilgrim Volume 3)

Party Presidents, Consider the Following, and an Apology...

8 Day 877, 15:46 Switzerland

Another Article of Good-bye Blue Monday, this article will be split into three parts,

Party Presidents,
Consider the Following

Party Presidents
Finally, an excuse to write an article, some content! Hooray!,

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Election, Implications, and a Tip of the Hat, Wave of the Finger

6 Day 868, 08:21 Switzerland

Another article of Good-Bye Blue Monday, this article is split in three parts,
-Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger

Beginning with,
Now the elections did not go well

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Primaries and another Hitchhiker's Guide

20 Day 864, 08:07 Switzerland

Another article of Good-Bye Blue Monday, this article will be divided into three parts,

-Hitchhiker’s Guide to eSwitzerland!
-Shaolins, Gotta Catch them All!

Starting today’s Good-Bye Blue Monday,

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The Swiss Primaries

46 Day 862, 16:36 Switzerland

The Voting is officially over, our candidate is JNArno, next is Paul Proteus and Penguin4512 (Paul is before Penguin in the alphabet), then Wazamaza, and lastly, Sme3dy! Now, don't be dissapointed that you/or your candidate lost, just remember,

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Consider the Following with Paul Proteus

12 Day 860, 20:23 Switzerland

This article of Good-Bye Blue Monday shall be divided into three parts,
-The Swiss Primaries
-Consider the Following

Starting with,
-The Swiss Primaries
As most of you know, once again, I will

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