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[DoE] Library of Links

Day 2,149, 04:02 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

As a new player, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of information available about the eRepublik, aware that the water is around you, as it were, but unsure of which direction to turn. This article aims to provide you with an index of helpful articles to guide you through the game and metagame. We hope you will find our “library of links” useful whether you live in the eUSA or another eRepublik country.

Additionally, if there is any topic you’d like to see covered in our regular article series, please mention it in the comments section and we make an effort to accommodate your request as soon as possible.

General Links
Official eRepublik wiki

eUS Constitution
IES application

Department of Education wiki
American University application

eRepublik tools
eRepublik profit calculator

Game Guides
Guide to: Economic Module
Guide to: Gold
Guide to: Food Factories
Guide to: Understanding Bonuses

Guide to: Media Module

Guide to: Political Module
Guide to: Congress (part 1)
Guide to: Congress (part 2)

Guide to: War Module
Guide to: Training Centers
Guide to: Weapons
Guide to: Guerrilla Warfare

Guide to: Acronyms
Guide to: Shortcuts

Social Links
eUSA forums
eUSA Facebook page

Guide to: IRC (Mibbit)
Guide to: mIRC
[Download mIRC]
Guide to: IceChat 9
[Download IceChat 9]

Welfare Programs
♦ [DoI] Meals on Wheels
♦ [DoI] Bank Up 2 Strength Up
♦ [DoI] Moving cost program
♦ [USWP] BR4iNs f0r z0MBi3s
♦ [WTP] Feed The World

DoD newspaper
DoE newspaper
DoI newspaper
Recommended Reading
White House Press Room

Congress newspaper
Yesterday's News

Political Parties
American Military Party
Federalist Party
The United Republic Party
United States Workers Party
We The People

PTO Information
Guide to: PTO's and ATO's
Why say "no" to RGR?
Willful Ignorance
The American Freedom Alliance

Military Units
Flight Training
Air Force
Rogue Squadron
Special Forces

Cannon Cockers
Easy Company
SEAL Team 6
VMA-214 The Black Sheep

Website: Free information!
Visit our official website here!

American University: Free mentor!
Sign up to receive a mentor here!
Sign up to be a mentor here!

IRC Incentives Program: Free tanks + food!
Visit our IRC channel (#eUSA-DoE) and answer the question of the day to receive a reward of 5 Q7 food!

Open to citizens under level 30.

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