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This is the official newspaper of Circle of Trust.

[CoT] Let us sleep now

304 Day 2,176, 12:03 Bulgaria Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Dearest Loyal Citizens of the Circle of Trust,

It has come time to turn … read more »

[CoT] United Against TWO

108 Day 2,163, 19:22 Bulgaria Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Dear Citizens of CoT, Friends, and other readers,

These past few days, we’ve seen great progress on the battlefield against the forces of TWO! Our magnificent … read more »

[CoT] Standing Together

92 Day 2,159, 19:34 Bulgaria Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hello there, Citizens of CoT!

Over the past months, we’ve seen defeats and victories on both the military and diplomatic front. The most recent development in … read more »

[CoT] As the smoke clears

110 Day 2,133, 09:14 Bulgaria Warfare analysis Warfare analysis


Last night the great nation of Macedonia managed to deny Congress to two enemy nations.
In razor thin victories, Macedonia held off late rallies by … read more »

[CoT] The Best The Brave and The Fierce

101 Day 2,128, 21:03 Bulgaria Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

In this publication:
-New members!
-New HQ!

CoT Welcomes New Members
Adding … read more »