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The Merchantman is the newspaper of nine term Canadian President Jacobi. It became famous for its updates during the French invasion and occupation of Canada.

Jacobi for Nova Scotia YouTube Ad

4 Day 519, 20:49 Published in Canada Canada

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Think differently, Think Canadian, Think Jacobi.

9 Day 518, 16:53 Published in Canada Canada

Let me begin by illustrating what is wrong with the Canadian government today.

We don’t fight enough. Our country lags behind. Our politics are insular. Our activity lags behind. The theft of $35,000 generates a lack of confidence. Our morale

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The Old Boys Club

25 Day 517, 16:55 Published in Canada Canada

There's a bit of righteous indignation about it, isn't there?

What is the CAF but an Old Boys Club -- a group of people sponsored by the government to get free toys and to get ahead of the game at the expense of EVERY SINGLE CANADIAN.


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Why I support Dominik

12 Day 502, 14:04 Published in Canada Canada

By Jacobi,
Chairman of Carpenter Industries (CI Grain, CI Foods, CI Homes)

I'm a businessman here, plain and simple. I argue, agitate, and advocate on behalf of the Canadian businessman or woman primarily because I believe that Canada's present

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A Response to "The Sensible Voice"

5 Day 494, 08:27 Published in Canada Canada

Sensible Voices has an interesting article here: which attempts to justify the undemocratic efforts of the government in regards to the Hungarian

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