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The 2nd Day

8 Day 952, 12:15 Published in Belgium Belgium

This is the second day that followers of Aldous the Meek have been without their fine leader. They have proclaimed themselves, "Beerists", those that follow the word of the Zamiatin.


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They call him, Aldous the Meek!

36 Day 951, 19:25 Published in Belgium Belgium Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

On June the 27th, a well-known figure among the two-clicking community of eBelgium continued his teachings of wellness preservation and training duties. He told tales of the days in which eBelgium did not care for its masses, nor did it enjoy the

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I'm back and ready!

11 Day 947, 12:17 Published in Belgium Belgium

My fellow eBelgians,

I am back from a long hiatus, and am ready to jumpstart our nation! Where was I you ask? Well, I was finishing up my degree (I graduated!) and getting ready for graduate school in the fall. That occupied much of my time, but

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Presidential Candidacy Announcement

19 Day 894, 16:58 Published in Belgium Belgium

My fellow eBelgians,

I am proud to announce my candidacy for Prime Minister of eBelgium! Our country is ready for a change, and I strongly believe I am the person to lead us to a greater tomorrow!


I started my eLife in

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You know what to do!

3 Day 886, 14:39 Published in Belgium Belgium

I am seeking my third term as your Member of Parliament from Brussels. I ask for you to please consider me as worthy of an additional term. As my voting record dictates, I am one of the most active Members from each of my two previous terms. We need

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