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Calling the majority!

2 Day 860, 20:32 Published in Belgium Belgium

From the desk of the Speaker of the Majority

My fellow Free Belgium Congressional members,

I would like to formally introduce myself as the Speaker of the Majority in the eBelgium Parliament. I have been bestowed this honor by the party … read more »

Do Business in Belgium!

4 Day 856, 20:03 Published in Belgium Belgium

Belgium wants YOU to do business in our fine nation! With low VAT and Income tax rates on most industries, our economic policies are conducive to business interests. Belgium also

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Free Belgium is working for you!

11 Day 855, 18:27 Published in Belgium Belgium

The Free Belgium party is working hard to ensure that eBelgium remains independent and prosperous. For this past month, the FB has been the majority party in the Parliament, and we have done the best we can. Compared to our rival parties, FB Members

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Re-Elect Kylero in Brussels!

5 Day 852, 19:22 Published in Belgium Belgium

My fellow eBelgians,

I ask you to support my candidacy for reelection in Brussels as your Member of Parliament. Throughout this current session, I have worked for the interests of the Belgian people. I have pushed for the growth of our economy

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Voting Record and other things

4 Day 833, 14:05 Published in Belgium Belgium

I feel that it's time for me to share with my constituents how hard I have been working for them these past few days. I have been extremely active on the forums and have had several constructive debates with my colleagues in the parliament.


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