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20 Day 552, 15:12 Published in Ireland Ireland

i would just like to know why i am not being re-elected

i am extremely active
i am very vocal
i have done everything i can to serve Ireland during my therm
so i ask you

why am i not being re-elected

kindest regards

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wellness for new citizens

5 Day 548, 07:38 Published in Ireland Ireland


This is the second article in the series explaining the fundamentals of life in the New World as Minister of New Citizens. This article shall explain Wellness and Experience. Everything not covered in the first two articles should be

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Vote binksy

3 Day 548, 07:24 Published in Ireland Ireland

To whom it may concern
I am running for re-election

My reasons for doing so are very simple:I feel that I served well in that i only did what i thought was good for Ireland whether I agreed or not

As before if you choose to elect me you will

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New Citizen Help;The Basics

14 Day 539, 09:02 Published in Ireland Ireland


As the Minister of New Citizens, I will be writing a series of articles explaining how to play, and make the most of eRepublik. This article will cover the basics to playing eRepublik.

eRepublik is based on four different career paths.

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24 Day 538, 15:59 Published in Ireland Ireland

Hello people
I have just been appointed to this position

I will be publishing 3 articles as well as worrking on a Q and A basis.
Im always around so if u have a proplem dont hesitate to ask.

Btw alot of credit for the articles will be due to

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