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new citizens business and economics

5 Day 562, 16:04 Published in Ireland Ireland


This is the third article from the Department of New Citizens in the series giving information to the new citizens on eRepublik. This article will give an overview of business and economics in eRepublik focussing on business in eIreland.

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My Job

12 Day 555, 06:43 Published in Ireland Ireland

To whom it may concern

Apparently i have not been doing my job properly.
However i disagree.

I have upheld my commitment to the letter at the very least.

Now just to satisfy everyone that i am infact doing my job i am once again

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2 Day 552, 15:27 Published in Ireland Ireland

people of Ireland
i urge u to vote for this man


he is higly active
and highly dedicated

he is a new rising star in the ISRP
a vote for him is a vote for a better ireland
i know him well and i urge u to vote for him

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20 Day 552, 15:12 Published in Ireland Ireland

i would just like to know why i am not being re-elected

i am extremely active
i am very vocal
i have done everything i can to serve Ireland during my therm
so i ask you

why am i not being re-elected

kindest regards

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wellness for new citizens

5 Day 548, 07:38 Published in Ireland Ireland


This is the second article in the series explaining the fundamentals of life in the New World as Minister of New Citizens. This article shall explain Wellness and Experience. Everything not covered in the first two articles should be

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