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Day 552, 15:12 Published in Ireland Ireland by binksy

i would just like to know why i am not being re-elected

i am extremely active
i am very vocal
i have done everything i can to serve Ireland during my therm
so i ask you

why am i not being re-elected

kindest regards



acolyte Day 552, 15:26

its been a sad day for a lot of people by the looks of things, shame the ppl like u are not getting the votes

Frommfilm Day 552, 15:32

I must confess, I was quite shocked at your tally of votes. Same goes for quite a few other active, dedicated people.

binksy Day 552, 15:36

ur not the only one m8
and ya its happening across the bord

Eamonn DeValera
Eamonn DeValera Day 552, 15:37

Ireland First are taking a hammering..🙁
A lot of very good congessmen are as well....

binksy Day 552, 15:40

the only party not takin a hammering seems to be IUP

Frommfilm Day 552, 15:59

And even some of our best people aren't doing nearly as well as they should.

binksy Day 552, 16:05

TRUE is a fucked up month ant it

Frommfilm Day 552, 16:18

Could be worse; at least we didn't have to put Code Petrescu into effect. I don't think anyone was really over the moon about that.

binksy Day 552, 16:20

ya true but it has us fucked up royaly as were were all reday for that and now we dont need it and look whas happenin

Frommfilm Day 552, 16:26

Yeah, it's all a bit all over the place. I'll be interested to see what happens at the Presidential election; that seems like the more likely place for a PTO.

binksy Day 552, 16:33

true that could be very interesting

James Campbell
James Campbell Day 552, 16:41

binksy you are getting elected now arent you??

frommfilm, i am sorry you are not at this point in time getting elected. I always like your mildmannered and articulate spin on things. Best of luck in the remaining number of hours

binksy Day 552, 16:48

yes james now i am
thas why i wrote the article for declan

and ya il second that frommfilm best of luck m8

Frommfilm Day 552, 17:23

Oh, cheers lads! Best of luck in the coming Congress term!

Aelfred Day 552, 17:41

Politics is a tough game. Politics in a game it seems is just as tough. Best of luck to everyone and if this isn't your day just remember they can't keep a good man (or woman) down. That's what I'll be telling myself if it doesn't work out for me anyway.

binksy Day 552, 17:48

yup i hope to work with you both in future lads

elementor Day 553, 01:37

I thought I was in last night qualified with 5 votes then checked this morning to see I didn't make it. shit happens I guess 😞

binksy Day 553, 02:07

auch hard luck man

Frommfilm Day 553, 03:39

Really? I was certain you were in. Better luck next time so!

binksy Day 553, 04:22

hard luck dude

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