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wellness for new citizens

Day 548, 07:38 Published in Ireland Ireland by binksy


This is the second article in the series explaining the fundamentals of life in the New World as Minister of New Citizens. This article shall explain Wellness and Experience. Everything not covered in the first two articles should be covered in this final four, which will explain the four main aspects of eRepublik: Economics, Military, Politics and Media. I may possibly include a FAQ article, so if anyone has any questions they want to know or want to see answered in the FAQ article, PM me and let me know.

Wellness is like health points for your citizen. You will get the most out of your citizen if your Wellness is high. If your Wellness hits zero, your citizen will die shortly thereafter.

What increases Wellness:
- Food (Wellness per Q automatically) *
- Housing (Wellness per Q whenever you eat) *
- Gifts (1 Wellness per Q when gifted to you by other citizens)
- Hospitals (10 Wellnes per Q during a war)
- Wellness packs (10 Wellness, 2 GOLD each)

*See formula below

What decreases Wellness:
- Working (-1 Wellness per Q of company)
- Owning a company (-1 Wellness per Q of company)
- Training (-1 Wellness when training)
- Fighting (-10 Wellness per fight)

Why your Wellness may be decreasing:
- You're working at too high a quality company. Either buy a higher quality food or work for a lower quality company. Remember that most employers will give you a raise if you ask for it, provided that you work fairly regularly. Buying a house will also aid this problem.
- You're not eating. Remember to keep food in your inventory to eat each night. If you're going away for a few days, try to make sure you keep some food in your inventory.
- You own a company. Try to avoid owning companies with your citizen. Instead, buy an org for 5 GOLD. It's a good investment, considering how much you'll save in getting your Wellness back up and in personal wages.

Gifts are the best way to gain extra Wellness. You can buy gifts, transfer them to a friend and ask him to gift you, buy gifting from another citizen or have a gift buddy. Gift buddies buy gifts for each other to gain mutual Wellness. Wellness Packs at 2 Gold each are expensive (frankly, they're overpriced)

The higher your Wellness, the more difficult it is to raise it.

Wellness increase = (1.5 - (current wellness/100)) * product quality

This Wellness Calculator can help you plan what quality products you need and what quality company you should work for:

When you die at zero Wellness, you keep your companies, items, friends, money, newspapers, ect. You will be removed from any position you hold in your country.

Not all features of eRepublik are available to you right away. The most common way to unlock these are with experience points. There are different experience levels you acquire as you gain experience points.

*EP = experience points

How to gain experience:
- Upload an avatar (2 EP once)
- Get your first job (5 EP once)
- Work (1 EP per day)
- Train (1 EP per day)
- Eat (1 EP per day automatically)
- Fight (2 EP per fight)
- Upgrade quality of a company (5 EP per upgrade)
- Vote (1 EP for party, congress or presidential vote)
- Win a Congress election (20 EP per win)
- Win a Party President election (20 EP per win)
- Win a country President election (50 EP per win)

What experience unlocks:
1 / 0 / start your life in the New World
2 / 8 / train
3 / 10 / change location
4 / 15 / unlimited invitations
5 / 25 / fight
6 / 35 / vote
7 / 40 / join a party
8 / 50 / create a newspaper
9 / 65 / own a company
10 / 80 / private forum
11 / 90/ create an organisation
12 / 100 / become a congressman
13 / 125 / become a Party President
14 / 200 / become a Country President
15 / 30 / buy up to 40 Wellness packs

After that, you receive GOLD every time you level up. You also receive 5 GOLD at level 6. With your level 6 bonus, I would suggest buying or saving for a house.

Anyway, that's all for now. Our next article will focus on business and economics. Anyone who hasn't, should register and become active on the eIrish Forums at The Wiki pages are a valuable source of information for all citizens, so consult them for anything you need to know.

Credit for this article goes to:

tomorrow i will be re-posting the previous article for those not around for it

and once again i would like to encourage thos who need help to contact me
im almost always available

kindest regards



Ian Arb
Ian Arb Day 548, 08:02

Well done and about time 😛

binksy Day 548, 08:20

sorry its a day late
RL obligations that were sudden
wont happen again anytime soon a hope

and thank u


patton Day 548, 08:40

How could you let real world obligations get in the way of erepublik ? He should be impeached ! lol

Teutorix Aleria
Teutorix Aleria Day 548, 09:32

peach? i like peaches! put peaches im me 😁

binksy Day 548, 10:10

lol now now lets not be hasty lol

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