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Absence (planed ,known about,and with good reason)

11 Day 604, 11:46 Published in Ireland Ireland

As of 4am tomorrow morning myself and the rest of the Ireland squad will be departing for Scotland and the Euronations.
This is a big international competion held annualy and it attracts top archers from all over Europe
and as such it is a great

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my rather late manifesto

5 Day 603, 06:15 Published in Ireland Ireland

Ok firstly I would like to apologise for the lateness there were unexpected
RL matters which had to be attended to.

I will keep this short as i am not one for long speeches.
So i will be keeping this short and sweet.

Running history

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Division 1

0 Day 581, 10:55 Published in Ireland Ireland

Attention all menbers of IDF DIvision 1

New standing orders:

Sign in on the Division 1 thread on the forums
plz include rank,strenght and activity

For those who are no longer active in the IDF please resign there

Thank you for your time

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My Congress Manifesto

1 Day 581, 06:28 Published in Ireland Ireland

I would like to announce that i will be running for congress in Dublin.
I have previously served well for 2 terms and would like to do so again

In my first term with the help of appleman and others i helped to revolutionise the economy to help

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new citizens politics

6 Day 562, 16:08 Published in Ireland Ireland


This is the fourth article presenting information to new citizens to help them in the New World. This article will deal with the political system, as well as the basic tips and etiquette in politics.

The following is a list of features

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