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3 Day 613, 12:18 Published in Ireland Ireland

In roughly one hour(give or take )there will be a thread appearing to inform you of some minor things you probably already know on the new forums.

i would also like a sign in of existing ambassadors and hopefulls as i will be compliling a new

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Absence (planed ,known about,and with good reason)part 2

7 Day 611, 13:26 Published in Ireland Ireland

im back people
i would like to imform u that ireland is now ranked 4th in europe
and i am ranked 16th in europe

i am not supposed to be here lol but who cares bedrest is for weaklings

bryan and darragh i am sorry for my absence and will be

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Absence (planed ,known about,and with good reason)

11 Day 604, 11:46 Published in Ireland Ireland

As of 4am tomorrow morning myself and the rest of the Ireland squad will be departing for Scotland and the Euronations.
This is a big international competion held annualy and it attracts top archers from all over Europe
and as such it is a great

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my rather late manifesto

5 Day 603, 06:15 Published in Ireland Ireland

Ok firstly I would like to apologise for the lateness there were unexpected
RL matters which had to be attended to.

I will keep this short as i am not one for long speeches.
So i will be keeping this short and sweet.

Running history

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Division 1

0 Day 581, 10:55 Published in Ireland Ireland

Attention all menbers of IDF DIvision 1

New standing orders:

Sign in on the Division 1 thread on the forums
plz include rank,strenght and activity

For those who are no longer active in the IDF please resign there

Thank you for your time

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