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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

27 Day 635, 11:44 Published in Ireland Ireland

I hate it because of political infighting and smear campaigns im really getting sick of it .
I am sorry if im stepping on toes but i feel it needs to be said.

STFU the lot of you.

You are supposed to be here for the good of e IRELAND but

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My Resignation

16 Day 632, 17:44 Published in Ireland Ireland

A few moments ago a was forced to resign from my beloved post as Division 1 CO
My hand was forced by RL situations which are currently arising.

This is a sad moment as i write the as i have been a CO since appointed of 8th Division at lvl 5 by

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Indepandent Voices On The Rise

2 Day 629, 18:52 Published in Ireland Ireland

Since my last article on the matter at hand our members have doubled and our posts have more than trebled.
We have some old hats on our forums like myself,starks and digits
We have grainne and uaitane who will never be old.
Then there is the new

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Indepandant Voices

8 Day 625, 04:05 Published in Ireland Ireland

I would like to announce that my political nirvana has arrived.

Now some of you may remember my recent article protesting mud-slinging and the like.
Well this party is essentially neutral and will take the high road as it were.

Last night our

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In Memory Of Bryan O Shea

7 Day 624, 07:10 Published in Ireland Ireland

I am not good at long speaches and the like.
So i will make this brief as always.
We here have lost one of our best today in bryan o shea.
This former MoFA was in the forefront of Irish politics when he suddenly had to depart us and i am very

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