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This game can seem overwhelming or underwhelming at first. There’s a lot more to eRepublik than what meet’s the eye. It’s fascinating how complicated we can make such a simple game. New players are thrown into eRepublik with very little knowledge of the workings of the new world. I will try to cover a whole range of issues—both basic and a little more complicated—to help new players. So if you’re a newer player, you’ll probably know some of this stuff but I encourage to skim over the sections and read those sections that apply to you.

This is fifth edition of this guide. I have refined and augmented from the four previous guides (#1, #2, #3, and #4) to try to help new players. Based on the substantial number of votes the last guide has received after its appearance in the media, I believe that these guides have been helpful. As I add and amend, I am moving closer to creating a comprehensive guide that answers many questions.

There are several changes and new additions to this edition of the guide to help in that regard. First, I have considerably lengthened an already long guide. Second, and perhaps most significant, there is an unseen reorganization that will allow for easier future addition and amendment. Third, I have attempted to generalize and thus universalize it for all English speakers while maintaining its American-centric focus. Forth, and again, I have attempted to include more links as well as extra sections. Finally, I have also edited and updated where necessary.

Table of Contents
1. <a href="#section1">The Basics</a>
1.1. <a href="#section1.1">Your First Day?</a>
1.2. <a href="#section1.2">Apply for a Job</a>
1.3. <a href="#section1.3">Work</a>
1.4. <a href="#section1.4">Train</a>
1.5. <a href="#section1.5">Buy Food</a>
1.6. <a href="#section1.6">Qualities</a>
1.7. <a href="#section1.7">Video Tutorials</a>

2. <a href="#section2">The Features</a>
2.1. <a href="#section2.1">Achievements</a>
2.2. <a href="#section2.2">Gold</a>
2.3. <a href="#section2.3">Donations</a>
2.4. <a href="#section2.4">Wellness Packs</a>
2.5. <a href="#section2.5">Ads</a>
2.6. <a href="#section2.6">Monetary Market</a>
2.7. <a href="#section2.7">Houses</a>
2.8. <a href="#section2.8">Newspapers</a>
2.9. <a href="#section2.9">Hospitals</a>
2.10. <a href="#section2.10">Defense Systems</a>
2.11. <a href="#section2.11">Organizations</a>
2.12. <a href="#section2.12">Companies</a>
2.13. <a href="#section2.13">In-Game Forums</a>
2.14. <a href="#section2.14">Contracts</a>
2.15. <a href="#section2.15">Invitations</a>
2.16. <a href="#section2.16">Wellness</a>
2.17. <a href="#section2.17">Citizenship</a>
2.18. <a href="#section2.18">World Map</a>

3. <a href="#section3">The Extras</a>
3.1. <a href="#section3.1">Outside Forums</a>
3.2. <a href="#section3.2">IRC</a>
3.3. <a href="#section3.3">Tools</a>
3.4. <a href="#section3.4">Wiki</a>

4. <a href="#section4">Terminology</a>

5. <a href="#section5">Politics</a>
5.1. <a href="#section5.1">Current Government</a>
5.2. <a href="#section5.2">President</a>
5.3. <a href="#section5.3">Congress</a>
5.4. <a href="#section5.4">Political Parties</a>
5.5. <a href="#section5.5">Ideology</a>
5.6. <a href="#section5.6">Voting</a>

6. <a href="#section6">Military</a>
6.1. <a href="#section6.1">Super Soldier</a>
6.2. <a href="#section6.2">Battle Hero</a>
6.3. <a href="#section6.3">Resistance Hero</a>
6.4. <a href="#section6.4">Strength</a>
6.5. <a href="#section6.5">Fighting Smart</a>
6.6. <a href="#section6.6">Organized Military</a>

7. <a href="#section7">Media</a>
7.1. <a href="#section7.1">Current Events Primer</a>
7.2. <a href="#section7.2">Media Mogul</a>
7.3. <a href="#section7.3">Votes &amp; Subscriptions</a>

8. <a href="#section8">Economics</a>
8.1. <a href="#section8.1">Hard Worker</a>
8.2. <a href="#section8.2">Skill</a>

9. <a href="#section9">Helpful Links</a>

10. <a href="#section10">Conclusion</a>

The Basics<a id="section1"😣/a>
eRepublik is an online game where you can follow your political, economic or military aspirations and change the course of history. In order to unlock features within eRepublik, you will need a certain number of experience points. That’s to say, in order to fight, vote, or join a party, you will need to gain experience points. Everyday you eat, work, train, and/or fight, you will gain experience points. An easy way to gain some experience points is to upload an avatar. Additionally, once you get your first job, you will gain experience points.

<a id="section1.1">You're First Day?</a>
If you’re a player on your first day, a very direct tutorial of what to do can be found here. The next couple sections repeat much of the same information but also contain some additional notes.

<a id="section1.2">Apply for a Job</a>
Under the Market Tab, select the Human Resources link and search for a company that hires skill levels 0-0.99. Browse these companies and choose one that best suits you. However, remember to consider the costs and recognize the legitimate job offers. Thus, you should choose to work at a one star company because it reduces your wellness the least. Additionally, when you join a job, you have to stay there for at least 72 hours before you can resign. With each day of work, you will earn money and increase your skill. With higher skill comes higher-paying jobs because higher skill is often paid more. Every once in a while, you should check back on the Job Market to see what people with your skill level are earning.

<a id="section1.3">Work</a>
Under the My Places Tab, select the Company link. Once you have a job, you can work to earn money and build up your skill. Always try to work before you train for the military. You will lose wellness points for working. For example, if you work at a one star company, you will lose one wellness point; if you work at a three star company, you will lose three wellness points, etc. If you work 30 days in a row, you can earn 5 gold, which is a great impetus to work 30 days straight.

<a id="section1.4">Train</a>
Under the My Places Tab, select the Army link. Click the Join Army link and train daily, so you can build up your military skill. To achieve a higher score when you fight, you should train daily. You will lose one wellness point for training. You will be able to fight once you earn 25 experience points.

<a id="section1.5">Buy Food</a>
Just like in real life, your citizen in eRepublik must eat daily in order to survive. Everyday, one piece of food (the highest quality one) will be removed from your inventory and 'eaten.' Thus, in order to eat, you must have food in your inventory. If you run out of food, you can buy more food from the marketplace. Buy the best quality food you can afford. The quality of food increases your wellness roughly by the quality number.

<a id="section1.6">Qualities</a>
In the previous section, I mentioned quality several times. Quality is denoted by stars in game. It ranges from Q1 (one star, cheapest) to Q5 (five stars, most expensive). All items act the same way but like real life, higher qualities are considered better. For example, all food is 'eaten' but Q5 food yields a greater gain than Q1 food. Initially, you might not be able to afford anything besides Q1 but has you progress, you will be to utilize the better versions.

<a id="section1.7">Video Tutorials</a>
There are several official video tutorials that cover a range of issues such as the interface of the game. It's recommended that you view these if you're in your first or second day.

The Features<a id="section2"😣/a>
The game has several components and to understand the game, one must understand the features. A lot of little intricacies will become apparent just from the experience of being here. This section seeks to shorten the learning curve of the game’s features by explaining many of them.

<a id="section2.1">Achievements</a>
Achievements are recognition and reward for an extraordinary accomplishment. Each achievement will earn you 5 gold. You earn achievements by working 30 straight days, for every multiple of 5 in strength, being elected to Congress or the presidency, successfully becoming a war hero or freeing an occupied territory, for every 1000 subscribers, or for every successful set of 10 players recruited to the game. An achievement is denoted by the number at the base of the trophy graphic.

<a id="section2.2">Gold</a>
Gold is the universal currency of eRepublik. Every citizen can possess gold and exchange it. Gold helps to purchase newspapers, organizations, and companies. Additionally, it can be converted into currencies to help pay for expenses and often houses.

There are a couple things you can do with that gold. You can purchase a house (5 gold can normally purchase a Q1 house). Or you can try to save that money for a better house. You can acquire a newspaper for 2 gold. It gives you a voice and can help you meet people. Or perhaps the best option is to purchase an organization.

<a id="section2.3">Donations</a>
There is the ability to donate money and items to other citizens, organizations, and parties. It is strongly advised not to donate money to parties. If you would like to help your political party, it is best if you ask your party president how to utilize your skills and money. Be careful when you are donating to other people and organizations if you don't know them personally.

<a id="section2.4">Wellness Packs</a>
Simply, don't buy wellness packs with gold as a new player. They are a rip-off. There are cheaper and more efficient ways to gain wellness such as fighting and using the hospital or gifting.

<a id="section2.5">Ads</a>
Don't buy advertisements in your first several days. As with wellness packs, it is in your best interests to hold off and save your money. Ads are a fairly new development in the game and can raise exposure to a certain extent. However, the cost is prohibitive for a new player. Remember it is important to manage your money carefully.

<a id="section2.6">Monetary Market</a>
This is the place where you can exchange currencies. You can buy or sell currencies. As a new player, you probably should just buy currencies unless you have experience in trading. For most of you, you’re simply concerned with exchanging gold for USD and vice versa. When you have gold or dollars and want the other, you can go to the monetary market and buy the currency you want. The best offer will be at the top of page. If you become an experienced player, you can trade on margins and profit in the monetary markets across the world.

<a id="section2.7">Houses</a>
This will be the first major investment you’ll may make as a new player. Houses help to maintain wellness and can reduce the quality of food that you need to buy. Thus, a house may end up saving you money long term.

<a id="section2.8">Newspapers</a>
Newspapers cost 2 gold to found. When you write articles, try to use proper grammar and spelling. Spend some time writing and don’t pass around a two sentence thought. Develop your arguments and thoughts. Read articles and subscribe to the relevant ones. In regards to publishing etiquette, don’t write more than one or two articles per day because you’ll probably bump other people’s well-intentioned articles.

<a id="section2.9">Hospitals</a>
Hospitals allow for recovery of wellness after fighting. They range in quality from Q1 to Q5. Q5 hospitals are the best because they provide the highest recovery. For example, Q1 recovers 10 wellness, Q2 recovers 20 wellness, […], Q5 recovers 50 wellness. It is best to fight in a region with a Q5 hospital in order to fight more often and also recover the most possible wellness.

<a id="section2.10">Defense Systems</a>
Defense systems play a role in calculating the size of the wall. They range in quality from Q1 to Q5. Q5 systems are the best and are deployed in strategically important regions.

<a id="section2.11">Organizations</a >
Organizations cost 5 gold to found. An organization is a separate entity from your citizen and doesn’t have any additional costs to maintain after purchase. Organizations can own companies and they provide additional storage if you ever have extra food, gifts, moving tickets, or guns. You can gift yourself from your organization if you need a wellness boost. Additionally, they are often the first step towards owning your own company.

<a id="section2.12">Companies</a>
Many workers dream of owning a company. Companies cost 20 gold to found. I would recommend that you have an organization own your company. That’s an additional 5 gold. Plus, you’ll need initial capital to pay for salaries and such. That’s at least another 5 gold. If you want your company to succeed, you’ll probably need about 30 gold to start successfully. So consider that when you’re ready to start your own business.

<a id="section2.13">In-Game Forums</a>
The in-game forums allow for discussions on various topics on the game's website. They also allow for interactions between citizens of all stripes, regardless of rank or nationality. The forums also serve official purposes as well. They are where open letters, contests, and contracts can be place.

<a id="section2.14">Contracts</a>
A contract is an official agreement between two entities that is enforceable by the admins. For larger transactions like houses, contracts can be employed to negate the possibility of theft. It is important to adhere to all stipulations of contracts as outlined by the admins, otherwise the contracts are not considered official or enforceable.

<a id="section2.15">Invitations</a>
You can invite friends to play the game. They can be your base of political support, a core of workers for your company, or just friends sharing a cool experience in this world. Your invitations also can be a way to earn gold. Every person that you invite that reaches level 6 earns you 5 gold. Additionally, 10 successful invites will earn you the society builder achievement.

<a id="section2.16">Wellness</a>
New players are born into this world with 50 wellness. Yet, as the graphic shows, this is half a person. At 50 wellness, a new player is making half the contribution that they can otherwise. Half wellness immediately reduces the ability to produce in a factory or in war once they can fight. With the recent military events, we have seen the efficient means of increasing wellness. In order to increase your wellness as new player (once you reach 25 experience points), move to a region with a Q5 hospital and fight in a battle once, click on the hospital and then the heal button. You’ll gain 50 wellness points instantly. High wellness means you produce more and can earn more money. Additionally, it is a matter of national preparedness that our soldiers maintain high wellness. The same logic can be applied to the economic interests of the nation.

<a id="section2.17">Citizenship</a>
Citizenship is a module that recognizes and makes known which country a citizen associates with. It limits the citizen from voting in other countries and was developed, in part, to stem political takeovers. When born into this New World, citizens become members of the countries possessing the regions they are born into. Often these regions reflect their real life homes. However, one can choose to associate with any eCountry that they choose. If they wish to change allegiances, they can request citizenship in the new country and a Congressman from that country will have to approve them.

<a id="section2.18">World Map</a>
The world map shows an assortment of data that can be helpful to you. It is a fairly recent addition to the game and has multiple filters that show various information in an up-to-date format.

The Extras<a id="section3"😣/a>
The game is rather simple in my opinion. However, at the same time, it is also complex. The complexity of the game is mainly user-created. User creations such as outside forums add layers of depth to politics and the military. In addition to the depth are tools that often clarify economics. Sometimes these tools can make it easier or more profitable.

<a id="section3.1">Outside Forums</a>
Almost all countries, most political parties, and some extraneous groups have forums outside the game that they maintain. It provides an opportunity for a richer community experience. In depth discussions can occur, military strategizing, and countless other things.

For example, the eUS Forums allow for further discussions on American issues if you so desire. The forums of other countries can be found here.

<a id="section3.2">IRC</a>
IRC is an instant response chat system that allows for immediate communications between players. Topicality is varied and often unrelated to the game. International channels can be found here.

<a id="section3.3">Tools</a>
Here are an assortment of tools that can help you in various regards of the game:

eRep Tools lets you know the best deals for all products from Q1 to Q5. Reliant Market is a black market that sells products cheaper than in the game’s marketplace. CCCP Group hosts various calculators that can determine what your productivity, training, fighting, or wellness will be. True Blue Creations offers many economic features that are like the other sites. eGovernment lists everything from the top one thousand soldiers to the number of new players in a country. Finally, my personal favorite is, a well-developed and user-friendly site that features many of the aforementioned tools.

<a id="section3.4">Wiki</a>
As a new player, you’re jumping midway into a narrative of an alternative history of the United States. This history is taking place as we go but has also featured significant events. It is important to appreciate the events and individuals that preceded us. For example, the United States and Canada fought in the first interstate war in eRepublik history. Some of this has been recorded in the eRepublik wiki, which I strongly recommend you read. Just like real life, we are a part of something greater when we talk about ourselves as citizens.

Terminology<a id="section4"😣/a>
One of the many barriers you will face in the game is attempting to understand the sometimes confusing language and acronyms that experienced players will use. In addition to typical internet slang, you may see some of the following terms:

ATLANTIS - Early superglobal alliance in the game; has since disintegrated
Beta - First era of the game
Beta Giants - Those players remaining from beta era that are highly ranked and have accumulated wealth
Dioist - Follower of one of the major eReligions
DOD - Department of Defense
DoFA - Department of Foreign Affairs
FORTIS / EDEN - Alliances of ex-ATLANTIS countries
Gifting -The act of giving gifts to increase wellness; often it is reciprocal with a partner
IRC - Internet relay chat
IRL - In real life
Mechanicrat - Player that emphasizes playing game within structure of game mechanics
ML – Michael Lewis
MoW - Meals on Wheels
MPP - Mutual protection pact
NAU - North American University
NAP – Non-aggression pact
O7 - Saluting emoticon
PEACE - Global alliance that was formed in response to Atlantis
Permabanned - Permanently banned for violating the rules
PERTAMAXXX - Signifies 'first' in comments
PP - Party president
PvP - Player versus player; former war module pitted individuals against each other
PTO - Political takeover
RL - Real life
RW - Resistance war
SOS - Secretary of State
Tanking - Military tactic of supplying the units that can do the most damage with gold and weapons
V1 - Second era of the game and the one we are currently in
’The Wall’ - Current war module; battles are determined by building up total defense points or tearing down defense points into the negatives
Welcoming Committee - The official organization of US to help new players
XP - Experience points

Politics<a id="section5"😣/a>
Introduce yourself, then involve yourself. In general, it's the fastest way for people to get to know you, and for you to make friends. Don’t be afraid to communicate with high ranking officials in the government, the military, or the party. When you become active in the game, you can learn from older members. Additionally, activity can make the game more interesting for you.

<a id="section5.1">Current Government</a>
The current administration for your country can be found under the country administration link of the My Places tab. For example, the United States is headed by longtime player, Emerick, serving as president. Power can be delegated as chosen by the president. The setup is separate from game mechanics as all delegated positions are user-created positions.

<a id="section5.2">President</a>
The president is the elected leader of a country. It is seen as the paramount position in politics. The president can set an agenda of action but only has limited mechanisms within their power. The president can propose war or peace, ally or embargo, open battles or retreat, change the welcome message, and purchase infrastructure.

<a id="section5.3">Congress</a>
Congress is the body of individuals elected from regions or as wildcards that represent the country. They vote on taxes and the proposals put forth by the president. They can also impeach the president. You must have at least 100 experience points to run.

<a id="section5.4">Political Parties</a>
Joining a political party is pretty much essential if you want to have political success in this game. The parties attempt to distinguish themselves through various platforms that can often found on their own party forums. For example, check out all the different American parties and pick the right party for you. Most likely, there will be like-minded individuals there that you can bond with. Activity will often determine your success in politics. If you take the bull by the horns, there’s a decent chance that you will do well.

<a id="section5.5">Ideology</a>
The game mechanics limit the amount of ideology that can alter our nation. Additionally, your situation in real life will probably not reflect your situation in the game. Unless you’re willing to pour lots of money in right away, you’ll start off relatively poor and have to become a self-made person—that's part of the appeal of this game. Politics in America has suffered greatly because many have failed to appreciate this concept. As a new player, don’t let that be the case.

<a id="section5.6">Voting</a>
As a new player, you have to reach 35 experience points to vote. Three elections take place each month. On the 5th of the month, citizens can vote for President. On the 15th of the month, party elections occur. On the 25th of the month, citizens can vote for Congress.

Military<a id="section6"😣/a>
Fighting allows you to gain wellness, increase your military rank, gain experience points, and attack or defend for your country.

<a id="section6.1">Super Soldier</a>
The Super Soldier achievement is one of the easiest to achieve. Every soldier can complete it by doing one thing: training. All you have to do is train every day and you will reach your first one in a little over a month. At every interval of 5 strength, you receive an achievement medal and the accompanying five gold.

<a id="section6.2">Battle Hero</a>
The battle hero is the achievement for the citizen that has inflicted the highest total damage in a battle. Often it is an experienced player with high strength, rank, and financial support.

<a id="section6.3">Resistance Hero</a>
The player that starts a resistance war that turns out to be successful is rewarded the resistance hero achievement. Again, it is often an experienced player that can either afford to start the resistance war on their own or who has earned the trust of nation to receive the required funds to start a rebellion.

<a id="section6.4">Strength &amp; Rank</a>
Along with wellness and weapons, strength and rank help to determine battle damage. Citizens can train once every day to increase their strength. Training will increase your strength but it decreases your wellness by 1 point. Your rank is determined by the total amount of damage that you’ve done in battle. As you rank up, you will receive bonus damage.

<a id="section6.6">Fighting Smart</a>
You should move to either a Q5 hospital like Florida as soon as you can get your hands on a moving ticket because 50 wellness points can be recovered after you fight a battle. You can use this to your advantage and boost your wellness without paying for it. You should really only fight in a region with a Q5 hospital. Additionally, you must be above 40 wellness to fight. For every fight, you will gain 2 experience points. You will lose 10 wellness per fight. If you are barely above 40 wellness, fight just once and heal. You can only use the hospital one time per day. Once you have high wellness, you can fight five times each day. Try to never allow your wellness to drop below 50 when fighting. Don’t worry about fighting with weapons to start.

<a id="section6.7">Organized Military</a>
Joining the organized military is a quick means to advance in this game. In the United States, the Marines are among the country’s best fighters and they can be what you aspire to be. It will take lots of training to become a Marine so as a new player, you will start in the Training Guard if you apply to join the military. From there, you will be able to move up the ranks. For example, many of today’s important players started in the military and gained experience. If you don’t know where to fight you should look for the official battle orders of your country. For example, the official military orders of the United States can be found at the newspaper DoD Orders.

Media<a id="section7"😣/a>
The media is the place you can find information from other players through their published articles and stories. The top ranked stories in the country come up on your homepage. You can also be sorted by the latest news. I would encourage you to click the more news link and read through the various articles. In order to be better informed about what is going on in the game, read newspapers on a daily basis. The president, local businessmen, critics, politicians, and the military will provide information through this public medium. Most information is readily available if you scan through the articles. If you find an article you like, you can vote it up. If you find a newspaper that you like or feel is providing important information, you can subscribe.

<a id="section7.1">Current Events</a>
You've joined the New World at an exciting time. Massive alliances are currently fighting in World War III. Fortis and EDEN are fighting against PEACE. Battles are taking place across continents. The United States is in the process of recovering lost territories.

You won't be able to fight right away but can fight for your country very quickly. When you can fight, it is recommended that you listen to the directives of the President and the military leadership.

<a id="section7.2">Media Mogul</a>
The ultimate proof and reward for success in the media is the Media Mogul achievement. At every 1000 subscribers of the newspaper, you receive an achievement medal and the accompanying five gold.

<a id="section7.3">Votes &amp; Subscriptions</a>
The concept that the cream of the crop will rise to the top applies to the media within the game mechanics. There is a vote button near the title of an article on the left. Articles are ranked based upon how many votes they receive. This function has been somewhat co-opted by information warfare. Propaganda is a part of the game and the article's sources should be examined. Some sources like this newspaper will you garner your trust, leading to votes. Subscriptions allow for alerts on the sidebar when there are new articles by newspapers that you like or trust. For example, here's a select list of various papers you can subscribe to:

Quicksilver - Legendarium
Emerick – Cathode Side Chats
Desertfalcon – Global Defense Report
Eugene Harlot – BLAZING COMBAT
aVie - eGovernment
Joe DaSmoe – Everyday American
Jewitt – The Jewitt Report
Publius – Lorem Ipsum
Bogdan_L - From The Shelf
Enoch Root – The eInvestor Report
Gaius Julius – The Federalist Papers
Ananias – The eNation
Lowell Kennedy – The Musicman
Woxan - The Smoke-Filled Room

Economics<a id="section8"😣/a>
Do you want to be like Bill Gates? Well you can be if you devote your time to the economic aspects of the game. These aspects are sometimes overlooked in favor of politics or the military. Nevertheless, economics help to determine the success of players and countries across the world. At first you will start as simply an employee. Eventually, you can become the general manager of a company. And then, you can run an entire corporation if you so desire.

<a id="section8.1">Hard Worker</a>
The Hard Worker award is achievable by any citizen that has worked for 30 days in a row. The streak can be include working at multiple companies.

<a id="section8.2">Skill</a>
Skill is one component of the productivity formula. Every day that you work, you will increase your skill level in that industry. Skills are related to the three industries of manufacturing, land, or construction. To start, there is no minimum skill that is needed in order to work in a company. With increased skill will often come increased salaries.

Helpful Links<a id="section9"😣/a>
Official tutorial
eRepublik Wiki
eUS forums
American Political Parties
Contract Forums
Your Invitations
International Forums List
International IRC Channels.

Conclusion<a id="section10"😣/a>
In conclusion, after all these words, I hope that I’ve helped new players some. One last piece of advice, and perhaps the best I can give, is to ask questions when you don’t know or are unsure. I’m willing to help and other experienced players are often willing to help, too. I also recommend that you contact other new players because they can appreciate and understand the situation you’re in and will probably have the same concerns. I encourage you to vote this up and pass this information along if you find it helpful.