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The Pursuit of Happiness

51 Day 961, 11:59 USA

Think about the mentality of the developers of Erepublik Rising

I get no sense of satisfaction from my read more »

Hey Indo, get the Phuket of Southern Thailand

109 Day 907, 06:35 Indonesia

Koh Phi Phi

Koh Lipe[/read more »

For Mom and Apple Pie

40 Day 901, 10:15 USA


The Indonesians are again trying to ruin our holidays. These guys seem to think that attacking on US holidays constitutes some high strategy. It reminds me how

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Hungary in Flames and You have a FREE Can of Gasoline

47 Day 895, 15:05 USA


Tonight the eUSA can bring Hungary to its knees. Our allies are depending on us. EDEN and PHX went toe to toe while you were at work and school.

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Norway Fights for EDEN...AGAIN!!!

20 Day 894, 11:57 Norway

Norwegian Tanks in action

Croatia has renewed the attack on Hungary's capital. Strike again in Central Hungary!read more »