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To King Harald,

23 Day 807, 12:00 Published in Norway Norway

Dear Norway,

It was brought to our attention that you and your Eden friends Canada both wanted to try on for size Englands hat, Scotland.

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How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

32 Day 803, 10:43 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

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<a href="#prewar">Pre War fun.</a>
<a href="#war">War fun.</a>
<a href="#postwar">Post War fun.</a>

Ohnoeseuksurroundedmightloseregion s[

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I'm a Lumberjack: Canada is Coming!

34 Day 796, 12:32 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

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<a href="#parta1">Ooh, Canada.</a>
<a href="#parta2">Europe.</a>
<a href="#parta3">Congress, Navy, and Health.</a>

<a name="parta1">The

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To Ireland; regarding Alliances.

40 Day 794, 14:09 Published in Ireland Ireland


For as long as I can recall, the eUK and eIreland have been great friends. On a personal level, I used to follow the Irish elections on the 5th, … read more »

London Calling: Information on the eUK's Situation.

46 Day 784, 08:04 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

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<a href="#parta1">London Calling.</a>
<a href="#parta2">Chipping in Where you can.</a>
<a href="#parta3">I'm so Bored with the U.S.A. (

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