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London Calling - The Presidential Elections.

17 Day 591, 07:59 United Kingdom

First off, please take the time to read the MoW's most recent article, here.

The 5th read more »

A thanks to the Voters; and a summary.

12 Day 584, 12:48 United Kingdom

A thanks, to the voters.

I would like to start off by thanking each person who voted for me, your dedication and trust in me has … read more »

TUP; What you need to know.

9 Day 576, 06:12 United Kingdom

TUP; Join Today

To date, the TUP is the second largest party in the United Kingdom, currently standing at;
• 407 Members.
• 9 Members of Congress. … read more »

Germany faces Liberation!

27 Day 569, 08:18 United Kingdom


It’s no news to the UK that Germany has recently become overrun by Swedish and Polish aggressors. Currently Germany hold … read more »

The Final Countdown, Jerry Vs. Kumnaa.

25 Day 562, 07:43 United Kingdom

The 5th

The 5th of each month see’s a new presidential election. I feel Sara Droz has led quite a reasonable term, making no major mistakes, and … read more »