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With a Little Help from my Friends: What an Alliance Means to us.

9 Day 725, 07:49 Published in Lithuania Lithuania

What makes an alliance?

After reading this Article by Jazar, I thought I’d elaborate on what I think … read more »

[PM] A Kind of Magic; Cabinet Updates.

16 Day 723, 11:09 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Cabinet Updates

This week due to personal reasons, the MoW, Joachim von Bremen had to step down. Two times under Minister Lord Weiis will be taking over the ministry. He will … read more »

Give a Little Love; A Message to Ireland.

47 Day 723, 07:17 Published in Ireland Ireland

Good Afternoon!

It’s not often that I release articles into the Irish media, but recently is has come to my attention that some people are worried about the threat of an invasion from … read more »

Career Opportunities; The Cabinet!

22 Day 717, 09:41 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

The Cabinet

Cabinet ministers are the core set of individuals who run departments of the Government. They're on hand to help keep new and existing initiatives running and to perform … read more »

All I Ever Wanted; Applications to Government!

16 Day 715, 11:16 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Good Evening!

As the presidential elections draw near, it was pointed out some time ago by a man named Final Destiny that arranging applications to cabinet prior to the elections would … read more »