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Reasons to be Cheerful; A Domestic and Financial Manifesto.

26 Day 714, 07:30 United Kingdom

Good Afternoon!

This is the final piece of the renewed manifesto, and is slightly smaller for the following reasons; it covers both Financial and Domestic affairs, and the policies … read more »

The Trooper; A Military and Foreign Affairs Manifesto.

21 Day 712, 14:07 United Kingdom

Good Afternoon!

First of all, I'd like to point you towards a recent interviewread more »

[PM] Stay With Me; Updates and a Secretary.

15 Day 711, 06:37 United Kingdom

Good Afternoon!

Hello again, eUKers and interested readers from around the world. You would have seen in my previous article advertising for the position of cabinet secretary.

After … read more »

[PM] Ashes to Ashes; Goodbye to the Royal Guard

25 Day 709, 11:15 United Kingdom

Good Evening!

Firstly, if you're active ont he forums you'll know we'ce decided to begin looking for a Cabinet Secretary, you can read more about that read more »

Solitary Man; Cabinet Updates!

11 Day 707, 10:44 United Kingdom

Guten Abend!

There's been a few things going on over the past few days that we ought to keep you updated on. Firstly, there's a new congress who are busy debating stuffn and the next … read more »