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[PM] Train of Thought; An Update, and Theft!

15 Day 692, 11:51 United Kingdom

First off, it's worth mentioning to fight in Midgetland, do it for Danny Devito. Ignore articles that tell you otherwise.


Hello again, eUK, Just a quick update on … read more »

[PM] You Were Always on my Mind; The Cabinet!

33 Day 687, 12:55 United Kingdom

The Cabinet

Just like RL, we Prime Ministers are accompanied by the Cabinet. The release of this article was delayed somewhat by the maintenance, but none-the-less, here we are.

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The One and Only; Election Success!

33 Day 686, 06:59 United Kingdom

A Word of Thanks

To anyone and everyone who offered their support and time to help make this election a success, I thank you greatly.

What sort … read more »

Tommy Gun: A Military and Foreign Affairs Manifesto.

30 Day 684, 14:22 United Kingdom

War! Huh!? Good god ya’ll!

Good Evening!
This is out a little later than expected and then I had hoped, but fear not, I’m sure the past two … read more »

Diamond Dogs; A Financial Manifesto.

34 Day 683, 12:05 United Kingdom

Money money money

Hello! It’s me again. Hopefully by now you would have read over my [url= more »