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Dark Days

9 Day 609, 08:19 Published in Canada Canada

So much progress had been shown in the development of eNB but all must now be set aside for the war which is upon us. There is nothing good in war except its ending, and now we must exert the uttermost for the cause.

What is to be done?


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Maritimers are Internet Sensation with United Breaks Guitars

2 Day 597, 06:23 Published in Canada Canada

Kudos to the Sons of Maxwell and Curve Productions, the Halifax-based Media Production company, for creating a viral video which has been featured on CNN and is well on the way to half a million hits.

Google "United Breaks Guitars" for the full

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Can't We All Just Get Along?

2 Day 584, 06:20 Published in Canada Canada

ITEM 1: eCanadians in their wisdom have chosen a congress which nicely balances the CSD with both the experienced hands of the CEP and the enthusiasm of the DAL, while still leaving space for the voices of talented CPP and PPC members. Meanwhile,

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Mid day returns: 3 day split holding

0 Day 583, 12:57 Published in Canada Canada

5:00 NB time.

CSD 12
CEP 10
Para 6

SR Vol 1: number 15

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Early Returns show 3-way split

4 Day 583, 10:05 Published in Canada Canada

2:00 New Brunswick time: Here are the early returns.

CSD 12 down 2
CEP 11 up 2
DAL 10 +10
Paradox 4 -4
PPC 3 -1

PNQ 0 -

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