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3 Day 625, 12:12 Published in Canada Canada

Unless all Allied nations forthwith turn from their individual battles to Ontario, the nation of eCanada is no more.

If that is the case, I … read more »

The Turn

15 Day 625, 09:20 Published in Canada Canada

As we go to press, united forces are inexorably pushing PEACE invaders back to no-man's land in the battle of Ontario. It is by all accounts the most glorious battle in the history of the eworld, one in which the entire existence of a nation was at

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We'll be back

7 Day 624, 05:40 Published in Canada Canada

Last dispatch from free NB.

Presidential elections are a dead heat.

Thank you all for your support.

We are shutting down now but will return.

SR Vol 2 Number 6

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Our last free edition?

8 Day 623, 09:03 Published in Canada Canada

As the lights go out, we can now foresee the capture of our beloved province by the Hun, following which they shall transfer us to the Quisling British. Spem Reduxit shall thenceforth publish infrequently as agitprop. Canadian Freedom Wood shall

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Hail Canadian Spirit

6 Day 618, 09:10 Published in Canada Canada

A couple of days ago, the leadership of NB Pride met. We had our little company, NB Forest Products, which you can look into past issues of this newspaper to see why we started it, mainly just for local pride, and because NB was a high wood area

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