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Well Hello There, America

30 Day 1,238, 17:11 Published in USA USA

[Scene: Exterior, day. A public street in a major city. The crosswalk light is red.]

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From the Speaker's Desk

37 Day 1,189, 18:57 Published in USA USA

As the Speaker of the House, I have an obligation to put this out there. Many other Congressmen and non-Congressmen of all natures have said their own thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the matters at hand. I’m not here to give my opinion, really.

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Cromstar for Congress: Christmas Carnival and Confused Concoctions!

14 Day 1,129, 17:01 Published in USA USA

Or CC:CCCC for short.

It's the holiday season, and I'm in the mood to run for Congress and pass out some gifts to some people who I feel need one from me!

Yeah, I'm running for my 20th term, America. I need a life, but since I'm still waiting

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I am the PTO. Fear me, if you dare.

38 Day 1,121, 10:30 Published in USA USA

Friends, citizens, people of the world, lend me your ears!

It would seem that people are confused and unsure what is happening today in the party I currently reside in (the party formally known as SEES). Therefore, I must provide an explanation.

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The truth about the revolution

36 Day 1,119, 17:59 Published in USA USA

Internal Government memo; CLASSIFIED INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN; Distribution is strictly prohibited

Location: Miami, Florida- Field HQ of the Revolutionary Guard

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