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The Fastest War in All of Mexico

12 Dita 464, 19:54 E Publikuar në USA USA

It's that time of the year again: war. This time it's war with Mexico. Since there's some questions as to WHY we are going to war, I'll explain what I see as my motivation for supporting the war.

First off, Mexico was apparently invaded by a

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3 Dita 464, 12:46 E Publikuar në USA USA

I want to thank the fifty people who voted in Pennsylvania yesterday! I also want to thank my opponents for a good, clean, tight race:

Cerebus Wyndsor
Liam McCrae

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For the citizens!

5 Dita 454, 18:25 E Publikuar në USA USA

Citizens of the great state of Pennsylvania, I stand before you today to announce my candidacy for Congress. As you may (or may not) be aware, the last election Uncle Sam was sent to Washington, but he has since moved into the White House, thus

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To Support and Defend Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic

6 Dita 448, 17:19 E Publikuar në USA USA

Some of you may recognize the title as a truncated, bare bones version of the military oath taken by all those who serve in the Armed Forces of the real USA. So you might wonder why I've entitled an article by that name. The answer is, simply, that

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Enter the Watchman

9 Dita 445, 21:56 E Publikuar në USA USA Ndërveprimet shoqërore dhe argëtuese Ndërveprimet shoqërore dhe argëtuese

I've been on eRepublik for some time now, though I've remained quiet and simply kept an eye on things. By doing so, I've noticed something that seems to have passed over the majority of the truly immersed citizens of the eUSA. When you are on the

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