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Ansen Retires from UIP Presidency, Endorses Joshua Hoss

21 Day 602, 15:52 Published in USA USA

There's obviously a lot going on in our country right now that deserves more attention than Party President elections...but whether we like it or not, the elections do go on, war or no war, and they should be addressed.

I have greatly enjoyed my

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UPDATED: PTO Planned Against the UIP Today!!

81 Day 572, 19:47 Published in USA USA

The UIP has learned of a planned political take-over against our party during today's Party President elections. This is a REAL and SERIOUS threat to our country.

The candidate's name is [url=

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Ansen Running for Re-Election as UIP President

14 Day 540, 13:44 Published in USA USA

I'd like to make official my intentions to run for re-election as Party President of the United Independents. Below, I will recap what's been accomplished over my past term, and also talk about what my goals for the party would be throughout … read more »

No Scrabman, Obviously You CAN'T Take the Heat

99 Day 532, 14:25 Published in USA USA

All people have their strengths and their weaknesses. This is just a fact of life. What matters is how we address those weaknesses. It is our responsibility to try to overcome and conquer them, or at least to try and contain them.


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Congressional Elections Results: A Breakdown

29 Day 523, 13:52 Published in USA USA

I wrote an election recap for the month of April, and it was well received, so I figured I might make it a tradition! The final congressional results breakdown for the month of May (with the change from April in parentheses):

1) United States

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