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Poland, Spain, and Phoenix

26 Day 866, 19:01 Published in USA USA


There is a time for panic, and a time for stepping back and taking stock of what has occurred. The time for panic is now over, and we need to step back and take a breath now. Max McFarland's [url=http://www.erepublik. … read more »

Bradley Reala and Angelini for POTUS/VP

46 Day 862, 22:16 Published in USA USA

I'm Running for POTUS

Hey America, … read more »

The EDEN Frenzy

26 Day 854, 18:24 Published in USA USA

Back in the USA

First off, I had fun going to a few AWESOME countries with my past three articles (yeah, that means you Canada, Croatia, and Spain!) and I'd love to keep doing articles like that. Our allies are stalwart heroes … read more »

I have a Broner for Spain!

41 Day 844, 13:24 Published in Spain Spain

"Gloria, gloria, corona de la Patria,soberana luzque es oro en tu color."
You guys have a penguin bowling awesome

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Croatia? More like Broatia!

79 Day 837, 23:00 Published in Croatia Croatia

"Lijepa naša domovino, Oj junačka zemljo mila, Stare slave djedovino, Da bi vazda sretna bila!"
I hope I got that right!

So Croatia, it seems … read more »