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A Recipe for Retention

21 Day 949, 21:35 Published in USA USA

Only a few days away.

V2 is right around the corner. There's a fair chance that it's going to be the death of some of our older members, but it's also quite … read more »

I Feel Good!

12 Day 908, 10:47 Published in USA USA

Lets try some mood music. Seems to work for other newspapers.

This is a feel good … read more »

Sober up, and take a step back, ok?

35 Day 886, 08:53 Published in USA USA

I feel like I have to yell this, because no one's listening.

Over the past few nights a number of major things happened. First, as we all know, Poland attacked Mexico only to … read more »

Oh Look, I'm in Indonesia now...

16 Day 873, 16:42 Published in USA USA

...which is weird, because when I went to bed, the wall looked like this:

Boy, I thought when you get the wall over secure,

read more »

Congratulations and Good Luck, Woxan!

8 Day 868, 15:02 Published in USA USA

This Spai is your Spai!

I probably should've written this earlier, but I got busy with a forty page character analysis, irl, and let … read more »