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Club Imperialism can shove it.

14 Day 750, 11:20 Published in USA USA

This is written in response to Zoli's article Club Imperialism Welcomes the USA

Here's the case of two nations, relatively similar to each other in many

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Mistakes were made...

14 Day 749, 12:32 Published in USA USA

Trust me, I don't like seeing it either

Kyushu was lost. It happens. A lot of mistakes happened during this battle, and so we lost when we rightfully … read more »

Vote for me in Tennessee

3 Day 733, 23:09 Published in USA USA

Hey that rhymed...

Yeah, I'll edit this in the morning for my actual platform, just know that I've been very busy with RL for the past few days, which is why I haven't already done this.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and now, I'm off to bed.

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The Death of PEACE, Russia leaves PEACE! UPDATE: Iran/Serbia leave PEACE!

25 Day 728, 03:54 Published in USA USA

So PEACE...where WILL you be tomorrow? If the trend follows we should see a few more resignations through out the day. My only answer is that you'll probably be … read more »

What up world?

8 Day 723, 01:32 Published in USA USA

Yeah, that.

So...first, I'm gonna try and get an actual format for my articles, in this article, so expect changes while I get everything settled.

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