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Haliman for Jiangxi!

7 Day 943, 16:06 Published in USA USA

Well guys, I hereby conclude my first term as a senator.

In doing so, I announce my candidacy once more, in the great Republic of Jiangxi!

Now, my recent tour as senator has taught me a few things.

Take my last campaign article for example.

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An Extension (lol innuendo)

1 Day 942, 14:01 Published in USA USA

This is my second time writing this article. The first time, the bloody internet ate it.


Red Bull HM

Yesterday, I called out Red Bull HM to a !! gathering contest.

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A few true rants

2 Day 941, 18:22 Published in USA USA

Alright, this article has a few true rants, and a few lulz rants. I will not differentiate. It should be obvious. 😛

President McSkittles

Stop pushing to relocate everyone to California. California sucks.


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USWP Positions

5 Day 939, 15:29 Published in USA USA

Alright, a lot of you are confused on who does what in the new USWP.

Quite frankly, so am I 😛

For now, here is the list:

Party President: Jude Connors

Communications Director: Fionia

Congressional Whip: Haliman

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Current State of Affairs

1 Day 936, 16:29 Published in USA USA

IRL has really picked up lately, and my activity on Erep has been affected by it.

Also, I see that I just barely made the Congressional Sign-In last second.

I'm so very glad[/

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