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NOT Another GF Article

8 Day 954, 16:22 Published in USA USA

Even though he's bloody awesome.

I come to you America, disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, when I heard Congress was stepping up in activity, I smiled.

Then I saw what they're so active about. more »


2 Day 952, 20:47 Published in USA USA

I didn't write an article today.

So... Umm...

Vote and sub.

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2 Day 951, 16:28 Published in USA USA

First off, I entered #uswpchat...

18:17 *** Haliman joined #uswpchat
18:18 Haliman Hello
18:18 Jude_Connors Haliman
18:18 Jude_Connors \o/
18:18 Colin_Lantrip lol
18:18 Haliman \o/
18:18 Jude_Connors \o\
18:18 Jude_Connors |o|

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I know you're out there

6 Day 950, 12:32 Published in USA USA

<img src="">

I'm paranoid. There was a 10 vote spike against me in the last 5 minutes. This has brought me to conclude...

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If We Lose Kansas To Poland

7 Day 948, 17:08 Published in USA USA

I'll move to Hungary.

I swear I will.



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