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New Player Guide [Political Parties]

2 Day 931, 13:59 Published in USA USA


This edition's educational focus is on Joining a Political Party

Once you reach level 7, you will have the ability to join a political party.

The actual mechanics of joining a political party … read more »

New Player Guide [Your First Week]

6 Day 930, 21:13 Published in USA USA

Welcome to the eUS! Welcome to Erepublik! The focus of these articles is to give you access to both information and resources that can help make your first few … read more »

Delayed, But Here

1 Day 929, 20:45 Published in USA USA

Inb4 Vice Prez

At this point, some people still haven't realized...

I'm really down to earth in my writings.

In other words (concerning my last article), I know my donations help. I tried to capitalize on the recent Poland … read more »

So, I Proposed My Second Law

5 Day 926, 21:03 Published in USA USA

Philippine Dollars, I understand. But Polishbux?

Really Kongress? Really?

I honestly have no rant. The whole purpose of this article is to point out how utterly useless my two … read more »

Issues of the Day

3 Day 924, 11:36 Published in USA USA

First off;


Seriously, look at my last few articles. All first comments go to him.

Really though,

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