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So, I Proposed My First Law

5 Day 923, 19:59 Published in USA USA


Never thought my first law would be donating Philippine Dollars to the CBO.

I'm just curious why we have $1200 PHP, when the country itself has >100 people.

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30th Congressional Votes

5 Day 920, 10:42 Published in USA USA

I will be recording my vote records in the 30th Congress. Comments, criticism, praise and shuns are all welcome! VOTE AND SUB!


Law - Vote - Reason

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America Has Chosen!

1 Day 918, 13:38 Published in USA USA

And, I gotta say,

She has good taste.

I have been elected as a senator. Thank you to everyone who voted for me. And I hope to show everyone who did not why they should have 🙂

I have a list of people to thank. So, I'll just dive in

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Vote Haliman in Jiangxi! - Endorsed by 4/5 Top Parties!

3 Day 914, 16:55 Published in USA USA

Why you ask?


Not to mention the fact that I am the strongest candidate there!

Military Issues

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Cool Stories: Bro Edition

1 Day 913, 15:23 Published in USA USA

Brought to you by GLaDOS, official reader of The New World Today.

So, there was this puny alliance. Let's call them...

Well, there was an overzealous burnt out

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