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So... _this_ is what a storm in a teacup looks like...

14 Day 964, 17:52 Published in Australia Australia

Meh eAus.

If I'd said it once, I've said it a hundred times over the last year or so. Our stength lies in the fact we are a smaller group of committed people. Sure, we don't have the numbers of the big countries (or the time to multi like some :

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Oh noes! Ranger...revealed :P

8 Day 958, 02:06 Published in Australia Australia

I was accused in a message on the forums today of being Petty. This was because I said Sir David Newton shouldn't leave eRepublik for another game (run by my apparent arch-nemesis Doctor Evil), and it was most uncool.

So, I can't hide the

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Observations of a middle-aged man.

36 Day 929, 22:02 Published in Australia Australia

Hello eRepublik

You know, writing tends to be somewhat therapeutic. So, I'm going to take this opportunity to share with you a mistake I made, as well as some lessons I am now learning the hard way from this.

My story begins probably a few

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eAustralia: You're the voice, try and understand it.

27 Day 841, 22:56 Published in Australia Australia

Epic Article time, which commences with a little corniness.

We are a great nation of people. No, really. What defines us as a group of individuals?

Regardless of where you

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PTH, It's just not on...

22 Day 813, 20:05 Published in Australia Australia


I'm a pretty tolerant guy - REALLY. I mean, sometimes I get full of beer and talk myself up on a random Saturday night, but never do I really get angry or as annoyed as I am this afternoon.

No surprises at [url=http://www.erepublik.

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