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Oh noes! Ranger...revealed :P

8 Day 958, 02:06 Published in Australia Australia

I was accused in a message on the forums today of being Petty. This was because I said Sir David Newton shouldn't leave eRepublik for another game (run by my apparent arch-nemesis Doctor Evil), and it was most uncool.

So, I can't hide the

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Observations of a middle-aged man.

36 Day 929, 22:02 Published in Australia Australia

Hello eRepublik

You know, writing tends to be somewhat therapeutic. So, I'm going to take this opportunity to share with you a mistake I made, as well as some lessons I am now learning the hard way from this.

My story begins probably a few

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eAustralia: You're the voice, try and understand it.

27 Day 841, 22:56 Published in Australia Australia

Epic Article time, which commences with a little corniness.

We are a great nation of people. No, really. What defines us as a group of individuals?

Regardless of where you

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PTH, It's just not on...

22 Day 813, 20:05 Published in Australia Australia


I'm a pretty tolerant guy - REALLY. I mean, sometimes I get full of beer and talk myself up on a random Saturday night, but never do I really get angry or as annoyed as I am this afternoon.

No surprises at [url=http://www.erepublik.

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Vanilla or Strawberry. Private or Public? It's ALL ICE CREAM!

18 Day 800, 13:03 Published in Australia Australia

I've been watching with interest the debates on the forums, and reading several articles recently where there seems to be some undercurrent of tension and flaming about the Private (private militia) vs. Public (government militia) Military Debate.

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