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So um, Ranger, why did you do it?

7 Day 1,069, 23:57 Published in Australia Australia

Hi all

I've kept largely silent until now about my candidacy for South Australia because I didn't want a run with bells and whistles this time around. I'm also not going to (for once) bore you with how I intend on changing the world.

Why did

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Why is there no ANZAC Spirit?

27 Day 1,065, 00:44 Published in Australia Australia


Quick question to both the eNZ and eAus governments. WHY ON EARTH IS THERE NO eANZAC spirit between us?

Our two nations have a healthy rivalry - sure. There's as many jokes about NZ's as there is in NZ about Aussies. And, sure, in

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What is was...what was...will be again.

18 Day 1,034, 00:18 Published in Australia Australia

I agree wholeheartedly with zaney.

Don't give up, don't quit. We are a community and this is but a game. Keep fighting and rue the day the people who have taken our land see once again, a whole nation.

Wander. I honestly believe this was a

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Ranger speaks: Is there an option C?

22 Day 1,016, 04:17 Published in Australia Australia


I've been offline a fair bit thanks to RL Aussies, and their (lack of) recent choice relating to the Federal Election. My current RL job is for the government in the area of pharmaceutical benefits, and with but a few exceptions, my

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I'm gonna get in trouble...or, it's better to die on your feet.

23 Day 971, 04:41 Published in Australia Australia



I'm off the fence for a while on the following issue. I sincerely apologise to the people who I respect that disagree with me, but I'm not naming names, and I am more than happy for you to have your view. But please. Let me have mine.
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