Zürich, we have a problem

Day 5,932, 15:44 Published in Switzerland Ukraine by TheTrendoReanimated

While the pirates were relaxing on a Friday night enjoying lap dances at the local club they got interrupted with a message. And what a message it was.

The pragmatic Confederacy of Swiss that we all know and love is going to be bounded by the chains of tyranny. They did not have the courage to say out loud what the reason is but i doesnt take a genius to figure that out. Given by their total silence earlier to the announcements that the Pirates are coming home. They have already denied citizenship entry to our people, me including. So it is very elementary in nature to deduce that the dictatorship will serve the purpose of destroying the lingering hope for democracy in Switzerland and further deny our right to our home.
Now lets analyze the situation step by step.

1. Who are the Pirates?
If you read the last link above you will remember the pirates as a Swiss group that had its own party and MU, and that was integral part of Swiss society. Putting an end to the Swiss PTO by a Romanian MU called Nemessis, and collaborating with dozen allied and neutral Ministries of Education to pump out international articles that made sure the citizen`s activity is kept at an all time high. All while still making a financial profit for the state treasury.

2. Why are the Pirates not welcomed?
The Pirates, 3 people, branched off from a party at the time called Republica. They formed the Pirate Party and trough hard work and diligence over the following few months the party rose to the no.1 spot in the country of Switzerland with 50+ party members. One notable member and keen supporter at the time was Rican, to whom i shall return again below. Being a force of reckoning even a united opposition was no match in the election cycles for us, yet we practiced the spirit of Swiss confederacy and the opposition always found their place in the government as well. As primus inter pares the Pirates took their responsibility at running the country seriously, they successfully defended the country multiple times from threats bigger than themselves and even had an expedition abroad, all bringing much fun and delight for the Swiss community. Given our reputation, the current ragtag band of tyrants appear to be scared so much that we will repeat our success and that their ego will be bruised, that they will no longer be the shining star of Switzerland.

3. Why am i calling the current government tyrannical?

They are not only launching dictatorship now to block us. But they have a long history of twisting the once idealized unity into marginalizing certain individuals and groups until they finally left Switzerland because of the constant cyber bullying. Below some evidence, and i call everyone who has been wronged upon to come and present their evidence in the comments section below!

didnt answer DMs after that
They have chosen to be completely silent, there has been no dialogue or direct attempt at communication, beside down-voting our posts in friends feed. This is clear sign that they do not believe in the legislative process and chose to completely tear apart Switzerland.

4. What happened to Rican?
Everyone remembers Rican as a patient mediator and keeper of the peace. The Rican of today is directly aggressive and he was the initiator of the coup. The Rican that i remember was member of the Pirate Party and fought along side us in every battle, coordinating and sending money for CO. There is no possibility that Rican has completely forgotten who the pirates are.
So i have to offer an alternative explanation, a very sad one.

We have tried countless times to get in touch with the current government and listen to their side of the story, even called them out publicly, but we only met silence so i have no choice but to asume the worse and start bringing out the skeletons from the closet. RIP pirate Rican may you rest in peace .o? I call upon Rican to contact us trough his already verified discord account if he can.

As the saying goes rats flee a sinking ship first, its good to finally draw a line and see who is part of the rat gang that supports dicktatorship. Who is willing to transgress the original Swiss constitution that every Swiss member has a right to his home.