[SPP] CONGRESS ELECTION PROGRAM // Citizenship committee issue // Pirate Union

Day 5,930, 06:07 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by BlackbeardMKD


We want to announce that we are looking to take part in the following congress election this month, thanks to the support of citizens who recognized our vision for the future. Bringing back transparency and growing together like a community through the programs that will improve the status of our citizens.

Taking part in the congress will give us tools to inform the citizens, every Swiss citizen deserves to know anything that is going on in our country. Because we think that it is absurd for no one from the government to share the information of ending a TW with Armenia and other things that are going on in the government.

Congress will give us room and chance to start implementing our programs through discussion with other political parties and the government. That means that we are bringing up a couple changes in the economy and making room for future bigger programs which will be beneficial for the Swiss citizens.

Economy reform, bigger TAX and VAT

Through research, we made Switzerland in 60 days from day 5,866 to day 5,925 made 2,948,840 CHF profit with taxes from 1%, average daily 49,147 CHF or one government mandate (monthly) 1,474,420 CHF.

We suggest any future government to have 2 / 3 of the monthly profit like their budget to run the government and to create or manage the programs that already will be running. Most of the money should go back to the Swiss citizens and all the programs should be focused on helping the Swiss citizens improve.

How should the money go back to the citizens? Through Air Military programs, House programs, Government help in building the training grounds, Government help getting the energy centers, Government help opening profitable company business through research and programs that will guide citizens how to get to profit point. There are many other ways that we can grow and invest the cc smartly.

What happens to the money that will not be wasted? They will go back to the treasury or one of the budgets for other sectors that we will improve and build in the future, like the Ministry of Defense. We should have reserves for wars and emergency situations. Those things are crucial!

The budget of 982,964 CHF is not that bad to begin with, but with the rising of the TAX and VAT we are going to get bigger budgets and better programs for the citizens. Through our research we calculate and get the following numbers. If we decide to rise the taxes to 3% our monthly budget should go up to 2,683,146 CHF and with the 5% that we think is the best and the max tax that we should go for we are going to have budget of 4,383,348 CHF and 1/3 ( 2,191,674 CHF ) that will go in the treasury for reserves.

Another change that we are suggesting to be implemented is the Import Tax to 99%. We already have a lot of our citizens producing and selling goods in our market. We are covering all the basic products, food and weapons. We only lack house production. But we can cover and implement the House Production program helped by the government, so we can have available Swiss citizens selling houses in our market. Meanwhile, while we lack the house production, the Ministry of Economy can sell the House products in our market. We will make a nice income and we will protect our producers on the Swiss market. The Ministry of Economy will follow and protect the market with fair prices.

After we implement and complete the Economy reform we will track and make another research after two months to see the results. To find the best formula and get the best results.

This will be our first and starting point in the following congress mandate. We hope that the government will have the will to take part in the discussions and all the other political parties. Also we will have open discussions with all Swiss citizens.

Citizenship committee issue.

The Swiss Pirate Party is concerned that the government is sabotaging our party and breaking the constitution. In the Swiss constitution it's clear that every Swiss citizen is automatically accepted to come back to Switzerland. But our Government and members that are in the “Citizenship committee” decided to reject our Secretary General TheTrendoReanimated and break the constitution and old rule that was a long time in our community but it does not look like it anymore. We can accept that they are afraid of a new old party rising up, but we are not here PTO threat. We were part of Switzerland and we came back to eRepublick to take part in Switzerland again not against.

Who is Trendo?

Trendo is one of the best Minister of Education and hard working Minister that we ever had, there are few that were that active and made something for our community. He is one of the oldest actual living eSwiss citizens we have. This is his new acc because the old acc he used to play is sold and actually banned. We are going to share some of the articles and activities that he organized in past through this links from our Ministry of Education:







The most important thing was the fight against Romanian Nemesis PTO in Switzerland, the biggest win of our community and thanks to that win Switzerland it's now free:


These are some of the articles and activities, there are a lot of articles from “Daily Orders” that he posted every day through the Ministry of Defence articles like our Minister of Defense and we are forgetting about his time as our Minister of Foreign Affairs. We are forgetting about his help to the Swiss citizens and new players and all he did for the community.

It's a shame that he got rejected, and we didn't get any answer why?

We want to ask publicly the government and the members of the Swiss Citizenship Committee why Trendo was rejected?

Swiss Pirate Party and PK - Falcon Pirate Party form the “Pirate Union”

We want to inform our community and our citizens that we form the “Pirate Union”. We made a discussion with the Falcon Pirate Party from Pakistan and through the discussions we made the “Pirate Union” that we are looking to spread through the world and attract more Pirate Parties who want to take part and collaborate building something new in the eWorld for future possible projects. More about the Pirate Union will be published in the following weeks with some of our activities and news.

We need you, join us! Take part in our political party and our community! It's time for changes for a better Switzerland. It's time to sail back with us.

Swiss here, Swiss there, Swiss everywhere!

Swiss Pirate Party