This is our Swiss Pirate Team!

Day 2,933, 07:53 Published in Switzerland Ireland by Blackbeard00

It`s time for new page of our History is time of the pirates and lot of party, rum, beer, gold, money, lot of battles and pirate girls.

You know what our big friend and great ex CP Black Whiter say Switzerland here, Switzerland there, Switzerland everywhere. This month we are going to be busy, because truly we are going to be everywhere!

This are the people who will make all this happen and bring glory to Switzerland!

Advisor and our Monarch: Rican.

Prime Minister: def0

Minister of Defense: eBradonja

Deputy Minister of Defense: Jamisgood

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Hideyoshi Nicolas

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Thranin

Minister of Education: ComplexCrow

Deputy Minister of Education: Joseph Rich

Minister of Finance: mungos032

This will be our team for now but there will be more people i still wait they to accept the rule.

For my plans i can say its all about fun for our community and something what is going to rise up and make us stronger in future. I have some strategy and some backup plan for battlefield but we are going to see what it going to happen. This are some of my plans that i want to finish this month.

1. Finish the project " NATIONAL MILITARY UNIT" and have successful tournament behind our Military unit.

2. Small baby boom, and help for our newbies to rise our community and bring new faces who will give us some new ideas and spirit to continue playing this game.

3. Find way how we are going to earn some extra money for CO/MPP and other things. Give us stability on our Economy. One of my main focus!

4. War real war, that is FUN! Organize some action against one of our enemies. I know that all of you and especially government team is going to have fun.

5. Government irc channel where all you can come and discus all problems we are going to have.

6. Successful Ambassador Project, so we can be informed what is going out from our borders.

7. Food supplies for our citizens, and weapons for fighters in our DO!

That is all that come in my mind now i think that i forget something to mention but everything that we are going to finish in this month i will write in my last article.

Swiss here, Swiss there, Swiss everywhere!
And cheers for the Swiss glory days.

Your next country president