In Memoriam: The Sad Death of a Swiss Patriot

Day 5,932, 15:17 Published in Switzerland Ireland by OogieBoogie3

Before we proceed, I'd appreciate it if everyone paid their respects to fallen Swiss Patriot who many moons ago helped defeat a band of traitors in the political circle and then fought bravely and selflessly to fend off a foe to help secure Swiss freedom and sovereignty from foreign aggression. He served in congress under the pretty much dead SDP - the party that I lead for many years after Swiss icon and former President Mungos032 moved on - and served in his cabinet under a handful of different ministries and administrative roles. A true patriot, a man of honor, principles, and integrity - we salute you - Rest in Power RICAN - you are and will be forever sorely missed.

However, it appears that a necromanced ghost stands in his place - an imposter baring his name - stealing his valor - all the while representing literally NONE of the values and poise that he possessed. Who is this spineless traitor posing in his name? This hypocrite and corrupted crony possessing his poor deceased soul? Who is the evil necromancer attempting to forever tarnish his name and legacy? Surely, this is not the Rican we all once knew!

Today, this imposter, most certainly under the order of Swiss Traitor to Democracy and Autocratic Dictator Terry Benedict, ushered words that the real Rican would never have ushered - a literal betrayal of his convictions and oath - the very catalyst of everything he once fought against - released this statement... And I hereby quote:

"We reaffirm our commitment to democratic principles and appreciate your understanding and support during this exceptional period."

AFTER immediately suggesting that a DICTATORSHIP was necessary


Isn't what he is suggesting the exact OPPOSITE of Democratic Principles?

Switzerland is a dominant party regime with a handful of mirror satellites creating the facade of a multi-party democracy. Do you know what that's called? AUTOCRACY. The establishment in Switzerland is a failure, and Democracy died long ago at the helm of these traitorous crony Autocrats.

This is merely a reactionary and panicky response to the ruling party smelling a threat to their absolute, unchallenged power. Terry Benedict is clearly afraid that something (or someone) threatens his seat of power - and in response to that threat, intends to dissolve the veil cloaking his established dictatorship. He has ordered his undyingly loyal satellite parties - mere extensions of the ruling party - to hand over their already unwavering support to the supreme leader himself - and to destroy the facade and mark Switzerland as what it has long been - An Autocratic Dictatorship ruled by one man - Terry Benedict himself - the traitor to Swiss Democracy.

These cronies must be defeated to restore hope, integrity, openness, and freedom of choice in government to be restored. We all dream of the day the flowers bloom in front of parliament as a Democratically elected President - selected by the people - for the people - free of corruption - free of coercion - and free of the iron fist from a single ruling party is restored. But alas, those once traitors that the real and true Rican once helped myself and others defeat, have reappeared as unlikely allies in this effort to save Swiss Democracy. History has come full circle - There's a storm coming; will you set sail with us and save Switzerland from these spineless traitors?

Long Live Rican - may he rest in power!

Death to his imposter!

Long Live Switzerland & Long Live Democracy!

Take up arms, patriots. Rise up and restore Democracy. A Storm is coming. Are you going to let this ship sink or sail?