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Reprint of State of eRep - Original from 28th Sep 2010

Day 1,299, 12:19 Published in Ireland Ireland by Sean MacDiarmata


I wanted to gauge the response to the new battle mod. With V2 they brought a lot of potential to the game but so many time's the admin's chose the easy route and caved into demand and back tracked. They brought in gone, they brought in a new battle gone...they brought in new productivity gone or changed beyond recognition.

The one part of V2 that I like was the new battle mod, it wasn't perfect but it added a little strategy to the game and they could have (as CelticTiger211 put it) tweaked it a bit to make it more enjoyable for all concerned but they as usual chose the easy route and went back to the wall, just with a tiny...minute change. The main problem's people had haven't been fixed...i.e the very flawed political system and the shocking level of PTO's currently affecting a decent number of countries to name just two.

They say "we are bringing in new countries" why when they can easily be pto'ed and destroyed before they even get up and running. I simply cant understand what the admin's are doing and I guarantee i'm not the only one, they say they are making changes to a number of things and put us through an eRecession world wide and for what....what has V2 given us bar bankrupting a high number of GM's and making a very high number of old school players and new one's alike leave.

I can imagine a shareholders meeting at the AGM for eRep "you've done what now...reverted back to the previous game and it cost us how much and lost how many people?" there will be a lot of annoyed people at that meeting and I hope there is because there is thousands of annoyed eRep players who have been to hell and back with this game and no end in sight.

Thanks for reading my piece about the changes...hopefully the admin's actually do what's right for the game not the one's who complain the most.

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Marcus Suridius
Worried eRep player



Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,299, 12:20

I wrote this prob 8 months ago about the state of the game and the changes being made. TBH I can't be arsed writing another one so im just reprinting this one.

Riggy Day 1,299, 12:37

v, when 95% of erep agrees on something, you just do it.

Adding town centers to what is supposed to be a citizen's profile was the funniest part. destroying the food sector and taking away the skills people had invested money on was the most dramatic. Recognising that a player who is changing the global map at will has been cheating and yet keeping him in the game is something I don't even know which adjective to use to describe it.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,299, 14:25

^ "on the payroll", perhaps?

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 1,299, 14:46

^ pays the payroll perhaps ^^

mikroastos Day 1,299, 15:11

totally agree! v2 battle mode was great for a browser game.


John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,299, 15:55

The games is completely messed up!

Foxtrot_V Day 1,300, 12:57


Timeoin Day 1,346, 18:05

Re-subbed for you Marcus o7

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